Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ham or Turkey?

Okay, real quick. Last night Harry made himself two sandwiches with the lunchmeat that was in the fridge (part of the many leftovers in there). After they were gone, I asked how his turkey sandwiches were. It went something like this.
He replies, "Ahh, they were ham."
HERE WE GO! I LOVE IT WHEN I KNOW I'M RIGHT! I know the last thing I bought was turkey, not ham.
"No, Honey. They were turkey." with a little grin
"No they weren't. I'm the one that ate them."
"Yes, and your brain and taste buds aren't working together. It was turkey."
He smiles. "No, it wasn't turkey."
I have to smile big at this point. "Wanna bet?"
A little frown, and a tip of the head. "What's the bet?"
"Well, if it was turkey, you do the dishes for one whole week. 7 days. Dishes for you."
"Well, what if it was ham?"
"Then I'll do the dishes for a week."
"You do them anyway." Laugh. "Okay, I want two batches of fresh chocolate chip cookies this week. Not the kind you buy in the bucket (fund raiser stuff I'm using up), but your cookies."
I'll give you two guesses who was right. ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! Oh, I did my happiest dance that I have!
"You're a sore winner."
"Oh, I'm sorry.....(sit on his lap) can I make you feel better about ..... LOSING!!!!!?" More dancing as he laughs at me. Love it.

Did I tell you how much I don't like dishes? They're never done. And now HE has to do the never-ending dishes. FOR 7 DAYS! Hehehe hehehehe. It'll be a great week!


Heth said...

Congratulations on the cookies. I can't think of a better prize!

MommyCorbie said...

Way to go! Maybe next time he should do the shopping too... then he wouldn't lose the bet. :)

iridium said...

That was totally cracking me up.

I keep thinking how it would feel to eat a turkey sandwhich thinking it was ham.

Too funny!

T said...

Yippee! High Five! Good Job! Way to be right!`

Angela said...

This was a great post. But I'm ready for a new one now!! :-)