Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Oh, this government.....

Wednesday. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The middle of the week. Wednesday. Enough of that.

T inspired me to start something up. I have these 3 books called "Great Government Goofs!", "Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?", and "Do Penguins Have Knees?". GREAT books! So I'm going to type up something out of these books when I post. Here's some for today just to get you as excited about this as me! These are taken from the government book.

*The Illinois Department of Conservation spent $180,000 to study the contents of owl vomit.
*Congress allocated $19 million to examine the amount of methane gas emitted from cow flatulence.
*In Acworth, Georgia, the city council passed an ordinance in 1982 requiring all households to own fishing poles.
*$1 million added by the Sanate to study brown tree snakes. The snake is found only in Guam, hasn't been proven to be life threatening to humans, and can't survive in North America. Makes you wonder who the real snakes are.
*The Pentagon spends $8,612 per second, about $271.6 billion a year.
*Representative George Beard of Culpepper, Virginia, proposed a bill to the statehouse which prohibited dead bodies from being stored where food is served.
*In 1986 the National Park Service purchased a half acre of land in southwest Washington D.C. for $230,000. In 1988 it was discovered that the Park Service already owned the land - they bought it in 1914.
*In 1920 Socialist and presidential candidate Eugene Debs received 920,000 votes even though he ran his entire campaign while in jail.
*Since 1975, 5 million new government jobs have been created.
*In April 1993 the Montana legislature passed an animal-abuse law that increased the fine for a second violation to $1,000 and to years in prison. At the same time the state's maximum penalty for second-offense spousal abuse is a mere $500 and six months.
*It took over 299 years for our government to reach a national debt of $1 trillion (1982). It doubled in the next four years (1986), then doubled again to $4 trillion in 1992.
*Missouri state legislators approved a five-pound 1,012-page bill aimed at reducing state paperwork.

I love that book! I really should do some housework now. Maybe I should just put a bed in the kitchen. Then I could sleep in there - since I'm always in there anyway, and I could just put any messes under the bed. Isn't that what all the kids do? Why not me? :)


Adonai Jedi said...

I always like reading this stuff. It makes me laugh and get ticked off at the same time. I'll have to get one of those books.

MommyCorbie said...

Can you imagine spending $8612 every second?! I can. Hehehe. These are pretty crazy!