Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Toxic Johns

Nothing really big happening, which is why I haven't blogged after I said I was back. Well, nothing big except I feel like I actually accomplished something as far as housework goes! Almost forgot what that felt like. Would you like to know the motivator? It was the oatmeal creme pie that we gave Tiffany last night and let her crumble all over the table and kitchen floor. About 1/25 made it into her mouth. :) And I didn't even make coffee today! Where on earth did the energy come from? I have no idea, but I'm absolutely not opposed.

Now, here's a question....make that a thought maybe? I went to a meeting last night, and wandered over to Toxic Johns afterwards because their hard shell tacos are 2/1.00 after 8 pm. Yes, I've been craving tacos. No, I'm not pregnant. I pay the guy and wait for a couple of minutes. As I wait, I can't help but want to invite this guy to the Good Friday service at church. Why? No idea. Now, if I say "hey, what are you doing Friday night?", it sounds like I'm going to ask him out on a date or something. So I look for a pamphlet I had in my van, and realized I gave them to Harry for his work. Okay. "I'll go home with my beautiful tacos and if there's a pamphlet at home, I'll drive it back up to him and still have no idea what I'm going to say to the guy." Get home - they're all at Harry's work - not one in sight. So I made my mind up to get one on Wednesday while at church for worship practice and happen on a couple more toxics on my way home.

I am no good, never have been, at talking to people. My question to you is: Do you have any tricks or special mind frames while you're talking to people you don't know? I can't stress how bad I am at this. How do you get comfortable?? I'm all about the comfort, you know.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm Back!!!

Oh, goodness. Back to blogging. I missed you guys! Want to know why I haven't blogged? Well, I'll tell you. My compuker has had a pop-up problem. A major one. Every time I tried to blog anything, a zillion pop-ups (like the one that just came up) interrupted me. I didn't even check my e-mail forever! So...Harry, being the wonderful husband he is, is working on fixing it. And whatever he did to it tonight - definately helped! Yay for the husband that takes care of my beautiful laptop. Now, we do have a computer downstairs, but I'm just too lazy to turn it on, and sit down there, and bring the monitor down to make sure Tiff is still sleeping. So, it all comes down to - I haven't blogged because I'm lazy. Deal with it.

Second now, today was another laundry day. I waited and waited until I had a full load of pink/reds. Put them all in the washer. Sidenote - this is, almost ALL of the clothes Tiffany has. Clothes, smelling much better now (which may just be in my head), go into the drier. Little did I know what was actually going on in that drier. The crayon that my darling little boy left in his pocket had made its way out and had to adventure onto each of the pink clothes. Now I'd love to tell you it was a white crayon, or a pink crayon (how lucky would THAT be). Red would have even been nice. No, no. It was a dark blue crayon. I found the evidence in with the drier lint - a broken in half paper crayon wrapper. Did I mention it was dark blue? I could have cried. So I Spray n Washed it all, and soaked it in Oxy Clean for quite a while, then washed it in hot/warm water. It's definately better than before, but still looks like a pen exploded in the drier - a dark blue one. I have a few more miracle works to try before I give up hope, but if you see my daughter with, yes, blue - dark blue - spots on her once-adorable pink clothing, pretend you don't see it. Good thing she changes sizes every few months. :)