Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Plain Jane Day

This is for my Angela. Thanks for the motivation. :)

Know what I did today? Nada-whole-darn-lot. Got up, fed Tiffany. Went to her doctor's appointment. She got her first shots! :( I didn't cry, though. I was tough! She let out about 4 good yells, and then she was done. I felt really bad for her, though. Then we went to Wal-Mart and returned some baby wipes because she had diaper rash because of them.....I find out NOW...after switching to a bunch of different diapers. I'm back to my beautiful Target diapers. Ask if they found my wallet. I lost it somewhere between my Wal-Mart trip last night to my house. Didn't find it. Got the new Triple Whopper from BK for Harry, and went home to look for my wallet .... again ..... found it under my bed of all places! Okay then.

Drive out to Harry's work and have lunch with him. Get this. I start eating my sandwich before he gets out to the van because he always eats 3 times faster than me (that was funny... I typed fatter instead of faster). So almost half of my sandwich (chicken) is gone by the time he starts eating. And he STILL finishes his TRIPLE burger faster than me. I don't know if I'm that slow, or he's that fast. Whichever the case, it's a good thing I don't eat as much as him.

Pick up my x-ray films from the hospital for my barium swallow to bring with me to my appointment in Iowa City tomorrow. Then stop by Oasis Tanning to talk to my step-children's mother (is that how I'm supposed to say that?). Ended up staying for a really long time. And now I'm home. Fed Tiffany. Sweep and spot clean the floor, clean up clutter, clean up the bedroom for cryin' out loud....literally. Cooking supper as I'm doing all of this, and then clean up and go to church. Ohh, no. I need to load up the tables and chairs from ThAnKsGiViNg to bring back. I don't have them back yet because my sweet husband can't find the key. Amusing, because hey, I just work here.

Is that the most boring blog you've ever read, or what?! Let me add this. A quote from Bill Clinton on the 1995 balanced budget amendment. "Obviously, I don't support it, but I support the impulses that are giving rise to it."

Was the old one better than a new, boring blog? lol I have to go clean now. Hope you enjoyed being part of my plain day. :)


Beefy said...

Reading that over sounds like I did a lot....sure didn't feel like it! Maybe because I can't see a product in any of it?

T said...

I actually think you DID do a lot! It's quite interesting to tell you the truth. Nice to see how other people go about their day. I can just picture your mind working throughout the day..... hope everything goes well in IA City.

Angela said...

It sounds more interesting than a lot of my days. :-) Seriously, sometimes I spend more time figuring out to blog than actually blogging. So maybe I'll follow your lead and just blog my day next time. I will give it a try one of these days.

iridium said...

I know this is last week's blog, but I'm so hungry for a triple whopper now.