Sunday, June 25, 2006


Here. Everything will have all 0-9 numbers. If you guys haven't tried this, try it. All rows up and down, left and right, all square blocks will not duplicate a number. Say wa-hoo if you love it!

Friday, June 23, 2006


S-2 Kings 10, 30-31. Nonetheless the Lrd said to Jehu, "You have done well in following my instructions to destroy the family of Ahab. Bcause of this I will cause your descendants to be the kings of Israel down to the fourth generation." But Jehu did not obey the law of the Lord, the God of Israel, with all his heart. He refused to turn from the sins of the idolatry that Jeroboam had led Israel to commit.

O-Jehu killed many men for the Lord and followed instructions exactly of what the Lord wanted, but his heart wasn't in it. If we did that today, it'd be the end of the light of day for us! I wonder if I would be so willing to DO great things for the Lord? And if it would mean as much to Him as if "just" my heart were His? I can go through the motions of the "Christian life" and most likely not-a-one would second-guess the purity of my heart. Maybe that's where I am today.

A-I read the laws of God and try to obey them to the best of my ability (or at least what I see as "good enough"), but how much of that is because I "should" and how much is because the Lord lives in my heart? And who on earth would think to question my motives?

P-Lord, I thank you for showing me this scripture - I obviously need a heart transplant. I am so sorry for going through my routine every day with a selfish heart. Make me a new Christian! I need guidance to stop being an instrument, and start being a servant for the glory of Your kingdom! Thank you for humbling me with your Word today.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Anybody know any cleaning fairies that come out at night when no one is watching? Send them my way please! Maybe we should just take all of this outside, put it in a pile, and light a match. It's not like we'll miss that 20th paper in that stack of 200-some. Why'd we keep that paper anyway - and where did it come from? Quite honestly, I do clean. I clean every day I'm here and do you think you'd notice? I'll give you one guess. Please tell me someone else feels like that! Didn't I just do the dishes? How did that humongo pile get there??????

Have you seen the Suave commercial that the "mom" is invisible? I laugh so hard when that's on. Some days I feel invisible - I'm the one that takes care of the little stuff no one else would worry about, but notice pretty quickly if it wasn't done. So, I NEED cleaning secrets so you can actually TELL that I've just spent the last 5 and a half hours cleaning. All I can do is maintain this place - I can't get ahead of the mess for some reason, and I'm sure it won't get any better with more children. I'm also quite sure it's not just hormones. So please either send a cleaning fairy my way, or tell me how to stay ahead of the mess! Secrets, I NEED SECRETS!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Plan F is a good thing

Why am I up so early yesterday, she asks. Well, this is the story. Harry ended up on my side of the bed after much shifting last night. Woke up to an alarm going off, but he couldn't get to it because of the baby rail I put up on my side just in case I fell asleep nursing Tiffany. So I tell him to stay put and I'll turn the alarm off. Snooze exactly 3 times. So I was kind of up at 5:15, but really up at 5:45. He can't listen to the radio for more than 10 seconds in the morning, you see - bugs him. Bugs me not to. How on earth did we get paired together? What was He thinking?? :) It was lucky that I was awake anyway, because my sister is having a Tupperware party for me on Friday so I can get qualified in my 30 days, wasn't that nice. She's the best. So I came downstairs to get on the computer to print off labels for the party to send out invites. Finish them and they look great! Print. OH NO! I put 1:00 instead of 2:00 on it. I let one print and figured I can change them with a pen later, but pulled the paper tray out so it would think "out of paper" and cancel for me. Too late, it grabbed the paper too quickly. Paper jam and I mean PAPER JAM. 10 minutes later I went to

Plan B. Well, we have another printer. I'll just hook it up to this computer and print it from that one. No such luck. It wasn't installed on my laptop (which is the computer I'm most always on). Well, it's going to take more time to install it than it is to just type it up on Harry's computer that IS hooked up to that printer. So we move on to

Plan C. Now, I adore my laptop, but something just had to be done. Turn the other computer on, 20 minutes later, I got it typed up and looking great. Matching colors, lines up great AND it says 2:00....Sounds like a big fat "print" to me. What? What's ink? Obviously, someone forgot to let the printer in on a little idea called "clarity". Couldn't even hardly read it. Whatever. Is there a

Plan D? Okay, I'll e-mail them to Wendy because I'm getting my hair done anyway today. And I'll open them on her computer and print them over there before we go to the salon. Woke her up - whoops. She opens her e-mail because, like I said before, she's the best. Can't open it on her computer - probably not because she doesn't have Microsoft WORDDDDDD, but we didn't know why. *grit teeth* and on to

Plan E. By this time it's 8:45. If I get Tiffany up and ready, we can be over to Harry's work on his 9:30 break and he can print them there. So I e-mail the document to him, but have no way of telling him I'm coming because his phone is on the way (from ebay) and I can't text message him. So we run around getting things ready for Wendy's party, doing hair, and our doctor appt all in one. Harry calls and I tell him we're sitting outside, and after explaining all this to him, I give him the labels and asked if he could try to print it for me. Well, in the 1 minute (well, maybe a little longer) I alotted for him to figure all this out, the best he could do was the copy machine, but the paper wasn't going to work in there for the time he had. Do we even HAVE a

Plan F??? Get to Wendy's house by 9:55. Type all the labels up AGAIN and click on the little "print" button. SUCCESS! Sorry you asked about how my day has been? But by Saturday my hair will be just right for the parade. :) 3 cheers for plan F!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


My happy little girl is now finding trouble all by herself at 8 months.

Maybe it's the influence of her siblings, or maybe it's the "Harry blood" in her. She crawls up on the trampoline downstairs and can't figure out how to get down with yet another bruise. People are going to think we drop her in our spare time. She crawls up the garbage can and walks over to the CDs next to it, and smiles as they all hit the floor. Today, she got into the plant/tree thing in our front room and took handfuls of dirt and scattered it all over around the pot. These are things she's never done before. There are just too many new things to explore. You think you have your house child-proofed, until you have a child, that is.

Opened the dishwasher to unload it, and quickly went to the bathroom (cause I'd rather do anything than dishes). Came back to find this. Guess I'll be hand-washing my knives from now on.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Will anything change? Yes, it will.

This is the man I married.

Sadly, so is this.

I have 2 step-children, 1 baby, 1 Harry, and
we'll add to this craziness in 8 months.
This is what I get to look forward to again.
Bring it on, baby! :)