Saturday, December 17, 2005

Can't Think of a Title.

Well, I’ve tried about everything. My sweet baby just doesn’t want to stop crying. We’ve both been in bed most of the day feeling under the weather. So I’m sitting here listening to her cry and watching her flail about ‘cause I’ve done about all I could do. Gave her a bath….. and a full belly….and a clean diaper….switched the positions she’s in….tried rocking….tried her swing. I’m thinking ALL the way back to yesterday, wondering if I ate something that didn’t agree with her today? And you know how bad my memory is! I found out tonight that I take her good nights for granted WAY too much! Many times, I don’t notice when everything’s going great. There seem to be lots that I take for granted. Such as:

1) Her good nights
2) Harry’s motivation to mow the lawn and snow blow/shovel the driveway (I hope it doesn’t snow this week while he’s gone!)
3) The health of my family
4) Not to have to be alone
5) Good days in general
6) Wal-Mart. Yes, as many odes to Wal-Mart that I could do, I really don’t think I could ever appreciate my superstore one-stop shop enough!
7) Oh, oh, oh, AUTOMATIC START in the winter time!
8) Music
9) Time with friends and family
10) Hairspray

Maybe this is turning into a “things I love” list instead. Too bad – you have to read it anyway! You can’t help yourself, can you! Go ahead and stop reading, I dare you. Now. Okay……… Told ya’. Oh, T – I LOVE the website you gave me with ALL the recipes! It’s my newest “Favorites” addition. You can’t keep secrets like that….it should be illegal not to let people in on the “good stuff”. Anyway, thanks for sharing! I found some great soups to try out!

She’s trying to fall asleep now, so I’m going to do the same, so I’m ready for the next dose when she wakes up! :) It’s SO worth it, though!


T said...

oh my gosh... you are soooooooooooo funny!!! :)

good night sweet baby, go to sleep for mommy....or she'll be crabby too.... :)

Heth said...

Oh little sweetie, sleep for your Mommy. I'm sorry she is having a rough time of it, I hope it's only a one time thing.

Beefy said...

After she went to sleep last night (about 1:00), she slept until I brought her to church. So that was just great! :) Glad that doesn't happen often, because yes, I definately would be crabby too! :)