Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Top 20 Updates For You

I have 5 loads of laundry waiting to be folded, and here I sit - in front of the computer. Why? Because I love you. Wait, there's more. I'm going to give you a little update by a list instead of rambling on about EVERYTHING, even though I know you're all speed-readers.

1. There were 6 gallons of milk in my fridge last week.
2. I get a weekend away with my husband ALONE in Colorado next weekend. Flying out Friday at 6:15am. NO children, wellll, almost no children. But no diapers and messes and bibs and nap time really means no children, doesn't it?
3. The mulching stage in the garden is almost complete. We were almost on time.
4. The dishes are also piling up quickly. I guess when I run out of plates or silverware I will get motivated enough.
5. We signed up for Netflix.
6. I have a lack of spiritual excitement lately.
7. I am in love with my new diaper bag.
8. I get to go scrapbooking Friday night!
9. I find that if I separate my daycare kids during nap time, they sleep for at least another hour and a half - how? Well, I asked them in a very casual moment in their day. It seems the younger one would wake up in the middle of nap time and jump on his brother. Amazingly, it wakes him up, and then down they both come to have their fruit snacks.
10. I have had 3 root beer floats this week.
11. I feel the beginning of an addiction for the smoothies at the local gas station - you know, the one that sells bananas? You have a choice of 3 flavors, grab it from the freezer, and put it under the blender thingy. Too good!
12. We have 10 apple trees.
13. I bought a cookbook an inch and a half thick with apple recipes. 25 cents....
14. I love garage sales.
15. I have 2 Christmas gifts wrapped already.
16. My husband has won once out of the last 2 weeks in our cribbage battles.
17. Bought a new cribbage board. Plastic. holds the pegs and cards inside when you fold it down in half. 10 cents
18. I just noticed where the fire extinguisher is just now. We've lived here 2 and a half months.
19. I also just noticed how many of these start with the word "I". Nooooo, it's not all about me! Where's your proof?
20. And my final update for you.....I smelled a skunk this morning. Harry just may feel like putting his second one to rest soon.

Nothing that would make Oprah, so that's good news, but since I've been an aweful blogger, there ya' go.