Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To Do:

I was just on the phone to Harry and told him I didn’t know what I was going to tackle today, and he said I should write a list. GREAT idea! I told him I was going to blog a list instead, though. J To Do:

1) Organize and clean out junk drawer
2) Clean my bedroom
3) Clean Tiffany’s room
4) Practice some piano J This isn’t something I have to get done, but I know I’ll end up doing today.
5) Get Harry packed. He’s going to Kansas for a week for work.
6) Wash all the cookie cutters
7) Give Tiffany a bath
8) Finish painting the kitchen (I missed a couple spots)
9) Pick out paint and go at the bathroom (while Harry’s gone J) …. Maybe.
10) Go through toys and movies for Trinkets and Togs
11) Make some coffee! I enjoy my coffee.
12) Get some more baby wipes
13) Make cookies for Harry’s trip
14) Make an appetizer for Mom2Mom tomorrow and Print out recipe card
15) Call about Christmas schedule for the kids
16) Wrap a couple presents
17) Find out WHERE they have a drive-through Christmas lights display!
18) Talk Harry out of snow blowing tonight.

That’s all I’ll even type for now. Think I can do that in one day? Make that two days. Check back with me….we’ll see how I do.

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