Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grocery Sales

Some of these deals were just too good to not post about. If you like Fareway (I shop at both), they will price match for you!! Printables are listed. If you don't other coupons, head over to the recycle center - I bet you could find them! ;)

1 lb. Strawberries 0.99
Hamburger or Chicken Helper 0.99
Chicken of the Sea Tuna 0.66
2 Cups HyVee Cheese 0.99

Barilla Pasta 0.99
PLUS -0.50/1 to -1.00/1 from newspaper insert (not sure which varieties are on sale)

Ragu Sauce 0.99
PLUS -0.30 coupon from newspaper insert

Quaker Granola Bars or Bites 1.99
PLUS -1.00/2 HERE

Hershey's Bliss 3.48
PLUS -1.00/1 HERE

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables 1.28
PLUS -0.60/2 HERE (May need to register)

Old Orchard 64 oz. Juice 0.99
PLUS -1.00/2 HERE

Life Cereal 1.98
PLUS -1.00/1 HERE

Hy-Vee Bacon 1.99
Dole Head of Lettuce 0.69 In-Ad Coupon
Pepsi 12 Pack Cans 3 for 8.88

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello out there....

So, I got a call last week from Harry saying I better go buy new make-up because mine is in Pennsylvania. Cool - cuz you know I don't like spending money.....and this means money. So I'm in Stuff-Mart and meet a woman named Michelle that is a Mary Kay consultant. COOL! Yes, please let's get together because this is just too fun. I love new fun people. Went there today and spent 87 bucks on make-up - ME! I know. And I don't feel one bit bad about it. And maybe I found a new friend. LOVE THAT! :) Moving on.....

My computer cord doesn't plug in quite right on my computer and I have 32% battery remaining before it shuts down on me. Last night I propped up the cord with a Barney Colors book to make sure it hit the plug-in just right and charged. I have sucked 70% of my laptop battery's life out in one day.....and still more, because I'm not done.

A beautiful woman prayed for me this week and I have felt more energized to complete tasks at home and have a positive outlook. I was feeling a little worn, but I'm okay now. (new make-up helps a little)

And just in case you were wondering:
*I laugh at my own my own head
*I don't exercise
*I don't wash my face until I shower
*I like to watch cartoons maybe more than my kids
*Bugs are coming - creeps me out.
*I don't eat breakfast....unless you count coffee and marshmallow cream
*Did I mention I have tons of cavities, but I'm not a fan of dentist visits? It stems back to childhood. All the kids had tons of stickers because they had a visit with no cavities. Not me. I had 4 stars my whole childhood. Visited twice a year. You do the math.
*I am flying out to see my husband around the 15th of May. I am almost finished packing. Not kidding.
*I have a had a super busy week last week, and another this week. AND I like it.
*I'm bummed that there are no double coupons this week at K-Mart in my area this week.
*I have had my kids in my bed every morning this week since Harry's gone. I am so against that habit, and here I am, welcoming them in, cuddling the night away, with my INSTE book.
*I feel so blessed for great friends this week. :)
*Am surprised Beth didn't post about the dorky girl who came into the library that she knew, but the dork didn't know her, and wasn't smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. Out of context - you don't really EXPECT to run into anyone from blogsphere, do you? ME NEITHER. She forgave the dork very gracefully and didn't even make her feel bad.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Thoughts

Easter is especially overwhelming for me. Not the holiday, or the huffle-buffle of the easter bunny. But the Meaning of Easter. As I watched "The Passion of the Christ" on Friday, I was reminded of what it was really all about. I think about choices. God CHOSE to come to this earth to teach us, and then to die for us. It wasn't a situation that he was forced was His CHOICE. As I watched him be betrayed and beaten and bloody, the phrase "this was His choice" kept coming back. He really chose to do all that. I may have backed out after the second guy spit on me. But not Him. He could have chosen to back out at any minute -He had power over everything. And He didn't back out. Not once. He chose us instead.

What did I ever do right to deserve that? Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing, nothing, nothing. So my question is why? Why did he come? The only thing I can come up with in my earthly brain is that He is loving and unselfish. Obviously, Amie, right? I was always a little slower than the rest. Now you know.

I have no idea what it is to be unselfish. Sometimes I change a diaper so I don't have to smell it anymore. And sometimes I clean my house to escape the embarrassment of a visiting friend. And since we're being honest, sometimes, I even do nice things for people to obtain the praises of man. Maybe more than sometimes. On God's level, I don't know what it is to be loving, either. Patient......nope. Proud.....that's a laugh. Rude......when I'm not hungry or tired. Self-seeking.....I think we covered that. Does not demand my own way......laugh. Never fails......big laugh.

It's really not funny, though. Honestly, it makes me cry. I fall short every day to meet his expectations, and He still chooses me. Little ol' me. Sometimes I wonder ....doesn't he have anything better to do? Yes, He does. But maybe He loves me like a child loves their creations. A picture they colored, a play-dough sculpture, or a Lego jeep. Maybe He holds me up and says "LOOK! I MADE THIS!" And although I hope I am not stuck to a refrigerator with a magnet, I take joy that he made me, and chooses me every day, and loves me just as I am, because I know He's the only one that I will have forever. 2 weeks with the same person 24 hours a day would drive most people crazy......but not God. He loves you every minute, every hour, every day, just as you are. He chooses you.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Help, anyone?

I need
I need a
I need a great
I need a great book
I need a great book for
I need a great book for a
I need a great book for a misbehaving
I need a great book for a misbehaving child.

Need some motivational ideas for the boy around here.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Turns out my hubby reads my blogs. :) He looked over the acronyms on my last post and put it to use!! As he was driving to work this morning, he was scanning the radio stations and caught a question of the morning which was "What does the acronym 'PLOS' mean when a child is chatting online or texting?" And he called in and answered Parents Looking Over Shoulder and won 2 tickets to Gallagher Bluedorn! for this. Now he's male and can't go, but winning stuff is super cool - can't beat that! :) So there ya' go - there IS a point to my blog!