Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Christmas Cleaning

I was so very excited to have won a cake tonight at the Harvest Party!!! I put it in the fridge, cause Harry's aunt is coming this weekend and I won't have to make one myself. Lazy me. I have so much to do downstairs because she'll be staying here and the spare room is down there. So - we do a garage sale Christmas every year with my family. We draw names in early spring, and then shop all summer at garage sales for Christmas gifts. Great idea, right? The only problem is, where do I put all this stuff until Christmas??? In the spare room, of course. Oh, wait. What if we have company? Guess we'll come up with something for the weekend. So I have gifts for 6 people - and it's a ton of stuff because you can GET a ton of stuff with a limit of $20 per person at a garage sale! So guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Maybe if I wrap them, the pile will look prettier.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


My first blogger experience! Exciting! I guess I don't know what to write, now. I was just excited to be a blogger-er? I wonder, well I gues I wonder a little too much about way too much. But I was eating supper tonight, and thought of "you are what you eat". What does that even mean? What does it mean to be yellow squash? Can anyone tell me!?

Tiffany had a hard day, and night last night. So - well, let me give you the "routine" first. She eats about ever 4-5 hours. How do I know this? Because I actually write it down. I made a graph out on Microsoft Word that tells me am/pm, time start eating, time ending, any notes, if I've taken any medicine, and when she's taken a bath. I even had a poop column for the first couple weeks. Is this sad? So in the "notes" column, I write down anything I eat to figure out later (if she's fussy) what may have upset her stomach. I do this for two reasons. 1) I have the worst memory of possibly anyone you know, and 2) organization is part of the (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder. Somedays I wonder how bad it really is. :)

Now Harry will try to counteract my OCD. I have to eat things in pairs (which he can really do nothing about). And I have this thing about anything (but mostly people, walking) making a complete circle around me. So I'll try to be discreet about anyone knowing this, and make up a reason to walk back around them if they're working toward that complete circle. So Harry likes to turn in circles and do a little dance because he knows it drives me nuts! Now it's probably a good thing that he does this, because it makes me not so serious about it (even though I still can't watch him do it). But when he's not home, I actually take his shoes and (I can't believe I'm telling this to anyone - I sound like the biggest dork) walk them around the kitchen chair and then put them back and go back around the chair without the shoes (so the shoes are the only thing that's made the circle) because I know when he puts them on, he'll take them in the one hand, pull his chair out, and then make 1/2 of a circle around the chair (which ends up being a full circle by the time he pushes his chair back in). That was a really long run-on sentence. Now before you laugh too hard at me, I don't always think to do this. There's plenty more to do around this place than for me to put a whole lot of time into that. It's those little things, though, that drive me batty. Please tell me SOMEONE else does pointless little things like that?? I'm sure this will fade after more children! Okay, I'm going to bed. G'night.