Monday, November 07, 2005

More things I love

More things I love:
1) Solitare
2) My purse

I bought this really cute functional purse a few months ago. I was very excited! It was at a garage sale for 2 dollars with the tags still on it from Kohl's.

3) Kohl's

So I'm loving this purse, feeling very stylish of course. Then Ms. Tiffany comes along.

4) Tiffany

I had a black diaper bag to use for her, and it matched my lovely purse. Well, my purse has been put in the "later" part of the house (things I know I'll use someday - this part of the house drives Harry nuts). My "wallet" is now in the diaper bag, along with my makeup. Goodbye, my beautiful purse. I'll dig you back out when I'm done having kids? Now, back to number 3. I love Kohl's. The reason I love Kohl's is because of the CLEARANCE RACKS!

5) Clearance

Once upon a time, I bought 3 pair of jeans that were very much clearanced out. The tags were orange and marked $1.00 on each of them. Woo hoo! I try them on, and they fit great! Bring them to the checkout, and the lady tells me my total. $1.00 + tax, of course. WHAT? It was another 66% off of the orange sticker price - this made my month! You can't beat 33 cent jeans that you wear all the time. These 3 pair of jeans now are also in the "later" section. Not sure I'll be that size again. So I didn't fit into any of my jeans after having Tiffany. So I make a trip back to Kohl's. This time I find $8.00 jeans. Now, under most circumstances this would be a great deal, right? But then the thought comes: 33 cents - oooooh, $8.00 now seems like full price (which was actually $32.00). Did I mention I love clearance racks? So, after much thought, I decided that I can't just buy the jeans (2 item rule). So I look through the $2.00 racks. Find a shirt that I enjoy. Buy them both together. Total comes to $10 something. Mission accomplished.


RANDI said...

I love clearance racks too! It is so great to walk out of the store feeling like you are getting something for free! The jeans for 33 cents is AWESOME!

T said...

oh my gosh.. you crack me up all the time! that's so funny!