Wednesday, November 16, 2005

To Do List.

What to do today:
1) Print the rest of 2004 pictures off and finish2004 scrapbook.
2) Sew linings into a few shirts to make them official "nursing tops"
3) Try to tear down the border in my kitchen so I can paint Friday.
4) Pick a color to paint. Dark olive maybe?
5) Inform all family of Thanksgiving details. This is the first holiday we'll be having at my house!
6) Check eBay for any questions I need to answer for our auctions. And why is it, that Harry's junk always sells before mine!? I've decided that eBay is a boy place. Or I just have the wrong junk.
7) Remember to eat lunch. I tend to forget.
8) Fold laundry (2 baskets)
9) Bring garbage out.
10) Wrap more Christmas presents.
11) Give Harry a couple birthday hints. :)
12) Give Tiffany a bath.
13) Pick up the bedroom.
Better get busy.


T said...

1. 2004? I'm still working on 1989!
2. sew? I only know that as a part of a song, but I know it is "a needle pulling thread..".
3. vinegar water - does it every time.
4. go dark! Definately dark!
5. fun!!!
6. Boy place for sure.
7. I NEVER forget. Well, sometimes I forget that I did it, then I do it again... :)
8. dream .... (sigh)... oh to only have two.
9. "Bring" it out? From the closet?
10. more? I need to buy some first!
11. don't make it too vague.
12. what a sweetie pie! Take the most time on this one!
13. You must be STRONG! to pick up that heavy thing!

Beefy said...

I can't believe you took the time to comment on every one of these! You are a TRUE blogger! :) 8)Bring it out to the garbage can outside. Well, it's not a can like Oscar's. Do they even make those anymore? It's a big black plastic thing on wheels, which actually was a birthday present for Harry one year - it's what he said he wanted. Too practical for this romantic! :)

Heth said...

How's it going on the list so far? List's are great. Here is a little tip: If you do something that is NOT on the to do list...write it on the list quick, and then cross it out. Sure makes me feel better about my days. :)

Beefy said...

1) Printed
2) Not even close
3) This will be a task! Started, anyway.
4) Going dark, baby!
5) Done
6) Done! And printed shipping label for the phone we sold.
7) Sort of. Ate some yummy bread.
8) Done
9) Ahh, getting there.
10) Nada.
11) He's not home yet.
12) Done
13) Packed kids' clothes for Thanksgiving instead. :)