Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Convictions With Meaning

I was in the sound booth on Sunday, and I was looking at the last two weeks of worship songs. I took one line from each song. Feel free to take about 5 seconds or more to think about each of these phrases.

*He is all we need
*You are the only One I need
*I bow all of me at Your feet
*Worship Him in humbleness
*Take my silver and my gold, not a mite would I withhold
*Forever God is faithful
*In all I do, I honor You
*It’s all about You, Jesus
*Your praise is always on my lips
*I’m desperate for you
*Nothing compares to the promise I have in You

Have you ever been desperate for anything? Have I withheld things? Ahh…duh. Do I put God in a box and doubt his faithfulness? I would love so much for all of these phrases to have the meaning behind it when I sing them!!! For all He does for me, maybe the least I could do is worship with meaning….not just sing these lyrics and notes correctly. Ick. Music is so much a part of me, and I find myself lacking. And what nerve do I have to think the dishes and laundry are somehow more important?

So I’m making a short list of things I need to improve on – I have a self-discipline problem, you see. It’s nothing God’s done. Like Doyle says: You’re just as close to God today as you choose to be. There’s only so long you can be convicted before 1) you do something about it, or 2) build up an immunity to conviction.


Angela said...

Very good - I like the last line especially. We set our own patterns in how we respond to conviction. Nice little devotional!

MommyCorbie said...

I know the 8th song real well. :)
This is very nice. I like the "You're just as close to God as you choose to be."