Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What's in a NameTag?

First of all, let me say that I like nametags. I really do. I like them because my memory is terrible. But people have the wrong idea about them. Do you remember that teacher in high school that was always looking about a foot lower than your eyes when you were talking to him? Funny, that's right where a nametag would be, isn't it. So I see someone I know, let's say at the mom's group, and I don't remember what her name is for the life of me, even though I talked to her about 20 times. Blank. So we get coffee at the same time and start to talk - again, picking right up where we left off last time. Now, she has great eye contact, so she's going to notice when I'm not looking at her eyes. But I really want to know (again!) what her name is. But if I look at her name tag, she'll think either 1) She really doesn't know my name yet? I've told her 4 times! or 2) She's like that high school teacher I used to have. Boy, he drove me nuts.

So, I vote everyone puts their name tag on their pant leg, or let's all wear headbands with our nametag sticking up. That way when they look down to stir their coffee, clean shot. Or let's just wear them on our foreheads. Hey, better yet, let's everyone wear them on our chins! Yeah! Then everyone would know everyone's name cause they would be able to look at their name tag whenever they want, and we'd never spill our coffee on our shirts, cause we'd have our own little personal drip guard. And you could be laughing, besides! Boy, I'm smart! Let's hear it for chin tags! Chin Tags! Hip hip, horray! Hehehe, I think I'm funny! Don't you love it when you can laugh at your own jokes? Even if no one else does? :)


Heth said...

I'm laughing at your joke with you.

I'm totally with you on not remembering names, and it's so embarassing, because I feel so rude! Add me to the name-forgetters club.

liese said...

I dito Heth..

I'm laughing with you. AND I am horrible at names. I finally don't call them anything, mostly because I can't remember.

T said...

I LIKE the chintag idea. You should invent it... something totally new and ingenious.
Sell it to the white collar people in meetings. You KNOW EVERYONE has that I'm-so-uncomfortable-I-can't-remember-your-name feeling!

RANDI said...


I always warn people up front that I will be asking for their name 3-4 times before I remember it. Hopefully this lets them know that I am forgetful and not rude!