Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is LOVE

This is me and my 2 sisters on vacation last summer. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

I love that I can call them my closest friends. Comfortable. :) Now, although we try not to make a habit out of being weird about being close, we can share a bathroom, tell each other when something is in our teeth, fix each other's make-up, give kisses to each other's children, and let each other in on the embarassing things that no one else would tell us about. I love my sisters.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you see the sister in the middle, "WENDY", give her a hug! She has a phobia. Please help her. And if you see the one on the right, "BRENDA", tell her how beautiful she is! She is in denial. And if you see me, ask me to make you a plate of cookies. I learned from my ever-so-talented Mommy. My beautiful mommy that taught me everything she knows. :)


MommyCorbie said...

Looking particularly beautiful here, I might add. ;) Love the pic! Instead of asking you to make a plate of cookies, I'd say ask you to mimick a movie... it's an amazing talent to be able to memorize all the words and play every part in a movie, not to mention the VCR sound effects!! Where did that long lost talent go, anyway?!

Cameron talks about how my best friends are my family, and he's right. I think it's so wonderful. Friends come and go, but family is always there... through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about me? Can I hang out with you girls? You look like fun!! And I will share some of my secrets, but some I have to save for dad!!
Looking forward to this weekend!
Oh, and that must be why I am so forgetful, I taught everything I know to you!! LOL
Love you all!!

Tessa Anne said...

I'm going to go give her a hug right now, just to comfirm that!lol!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You're all beautiful!

Sisters...there's just nothing quite like it is there?!?