Friday, December 19, 2008

Andy's Birthday

The last few weeks have been so emotional - then today came - and it went great! Bittersweet, that's for sure - but comforting. Harry took the day off today. We played in the snow a little, took a bath and nap, picked up some balloons, then went to the cemetery. My parents purchased one of these candles (pictured below) for Andy's birthday. You light the candle that goes inside the blue holder, put the lid on, and it will burn for 7 days. So we lit it again today, the 19th, and it will burn until Christmas. At night time, the flame looks red with glowing blue around it - it is beautiful. A light in the darkness. Very visible from the road. We love it!
And a beautiful wreath with butterflies from Aunt Wendy's family.

The girls both shouted out when they saw the ELMO balloon at the store, so that was the obvious choice for a first birthday party. :)
We each got our own balloon, and yelled up to Andy as we sent them off. "Say HI to Jesus for us!" "Happy Birthday" "We miss you!" "Have fun with your Elmo balloon!" "Love You"

then we brought the girls to amazing people....perhaps angels.... for a few hours. Harry and I went out to eat, stopped at a couple stores, and just got a chance to relax and spend some time together - something we've really needed! Then picked the very happy girls up and went home to have Andy's blue jello cake. We had to sing REALLY LOUD to make sure he heard us. And big sisters always help blow out the first candle.

This next one is a for you - a video: Stacy got to "cough" the candle out this time. :)

We sure do miss you, little guy.


melanie said...

Stacey- that was adorable, love the cough.
My heart breaks for you. Happy birthday little man.

Diana said...

I'm so sorry. No one can experience the heaviness of your suffering, neither can they experience the miracle of your grace. May His grace continually abound and bring you comfort and peace. Be blessed in Jesus' name.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

You are the bestest mommy ever!

Happy Birthday Andy! You are dearly missed!

MommyCorbie said...

I love Stacy coughing out the candle! Too funny.

I bet the candle at the cemetary is beautiful, and so symbolic. A light in the darkness.

I'm glad your family was at peace on Andy's birthday. I think it's important to celebrate his birth.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Andy! We'll see you in heaven buddy.

chris said...

What a precious, precious celebration of Andy. I'm lost for words. Thank you for sharing about your day.

Anonymous said...

Sure sorry we missed the party!
Hugs to you all! And what a beautiful light in the darkness.
Stacy just might figure out how to blow it out before she turns 2.
Maybe she can help Darin!
SEe you soon!
Love to angel Andy on his birthday! Blowing kisses up to Heaven.

Tyler said...
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Heth said...

Beautiful, Amie. Even Stacy's candle coughing.

Baby Jacob said...

Happy (few days after your)Birthday Little Man!....I know my Little Man and your Little Man are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus Himself tomorrow.....our hearts are sad, our arms are empty, but they are whole with thier Creator.

God Bless you and your family,

Karen Fahmer
Jacob Ryan's Mommy