Thursday, March 02, 2006

Letting kids be kids.

Welcome back, me! Harry has a computer downstairs that he uses, and I use the laptop that stays upstairs (unless I'm printing something). Well, the plug-in on the back of the computer was broken. I had to wiggle the cord until the yellow light came on in the front telling me that it was plugged in. Well, it would flash, go off, stay on, and it was an ordeal for a few weeks. Then he ordered a new plug-in, so he had to take the whole thing apart to get the old plug out - it was stuck. Gets it put back together. Doesn't work. Sits on the counter for two days. Fixes it tonight! Happy wife! :)

We've had Olivia and Darin for a couple days, and I must say, I like the school week better than the weekends. We get to see school work, chat with other parents, do "homework" checks, read books assigned, have a BEDTIME, and they get to play with the neighbor kids 'cause no one does anything special during the week - the kids are all home. :) So the two neighbor kids and one from another home come over. Harry has this car he got for free in the driveway outside.....(sidenote: duh, why do I type "outside" it would be inside??).....and the kids have had a great time playing with it. They get in, pretend to drive, crawl in the trunk (which isn't really a "trunk" - more like an extra backseat), and they even found out how to open the t-tops by themselves today. Have you ever let a kid just play in a car and let them push whatever buttons they want? Or pretend to drive....push the gas and not worry about flooding the thing? And how about to sit on the hood and hang out with your friends? They have had the BEST time this week playing with this cruddy car. Found some old hot chocolate packets in the back, and pretended to have a great party. Then found money, which found their pockets, which found smiles on their faces, which found suspicious parents. One of those....."uh oh, I don't hear him. What is he into?" I'm sure you know the kind.

So the neighbor (father of the 2) came home and saw them crawling all over this car, and yelled at them to come in the house "right now!". Oops, hope they're not in trouble. We told 'em to. No, really - we started it!!! We don't know them very well, but I'm sure to get home and see a bunch of kids having the time of their life with this car isn't a calming moment, especially if you think it's a usable car that shouldn't be for playing. Guess we'll see if our kids ever get to play with them again. lol, oops. The irresponsible people that we are, and all. What kind of parents would let their kids play in a car unsupervised? Certainly not us!

They were distracted for about 10 minutes all afternoon when they took shovels and found what was left of the snow, and scooped it out all over the driveway. Snow on grass? Nahh, more fun this way. My point is, why not let kids be kids? Drive over the snow - big deal. Go ahead, climb on a car. Play with your food. Wear a dress to bed. Wear pajamas all day. Have a toothpick race when it's raining! Sit down looking at each other and make all the silly faces you can think to make until someone runs out of ideas. Then make silly noises. Let them sit on your lap and turn the steering wheel into the driveway when you get home from somewhere. Let them be kids! It annoys me when people won't let their kids be silly in Wal-Mart because someone might be watching. Let them put the rubber snake up to their ear and pretend it's growing out from their head - who cares? Laugh with them. Be silly with them. Be kids with them. Watch a cartoon together - all of it. Eat cake for breakfast on their birthday. Let them play with a toy in the cart until you get to the checkout line - then put it back. :) I wasn't so free with daycare kids - they were all different ages, and you never know how they respond to a little more-than-usual slack in the rope. I knew with 2 of them, and we had a good time most of the time. They knew when it was time to get serious, but we laughed until then. Tell the blogger to shut her trap. Hahaaaahaha Wow, I thought I had a point 'til now.....looking pretty pointless and I don't remember where I was going with this. I could delete the whole paragraph, or just make you suffer through it. Suffer! Like I always say, you can't help but read my blabbering......I feel kinda' bad for you.


Heth said...

It sounds like they had a lot of fun with that car. I bet they'll remember that one forever.


Natalie Joy said...

I'm with ya. Let kids be kids. It isn't always so easy when they want to be kids right in your face when you're tired, but I try.