Thursday, March 16, 2006

This week in review

Had my scope and dilation on my esophagus yesterday. Afterwards, Harry and I went to Subway and I ate a 6" sub with NO trips to the restroom. Yay! It was still a little difficult to eat, and since then some things have gotten stuck, but I can definately tell a difference! Still probably looking at more surgery, but I'll be able to nourish my baby 'til then! So there's my big fat praise report.

Have company this weekend. Harry's aunt, uncle, and cousin are coming. Guess what I've been doing this week? Uhh, yeah - cleaning. And organizing. And I even cut the dog's hair - it is SOOO funny! Putting it nicely, I did a terrible job. We still have to take the clippers to him, though.

Went through Tiffany's "old clothes". Do you KNOW how many 0-3 month outfits I had?? Enough to put a lot of 29 and another of 30 on eBay this Sunday. And I still kept a ton! ugh, where am I supposed to store this stuff? Maybe a fairy will come while I sleep some night and organize it all for me. :) Anyone have any pulls there? Notice my lack of nouns today?

We are trying to get a bill passed (House File 2658) that will automatically award joint physical placement (each parent has child = time) unless there is burden of proof why it's not in the child's best interest. So today I'm typing up a pamphlet to pass out to the legislators and all those special political people that persuades them to vote YES! Did you know I'm a lobbyist? Is that cool, or what? It's not like picketing. We are actually in the capitol building and call the representatives out one by one - by filling out a piece of paper saying who we are and who we'd like to talk to. Then the door person gives it to the rep, and they come out and talk to us - we tell them about the bill, and they can ask questions, and then we move on to the next rep. Now we'll have a little packet to give them when they come out to talk with us.

Page1 For Iowa's Children (scrabble letter font), Vote YES (big bold green lettering)
Page2 Copy of the bill
Page3 Facts and Myths page about this bill
Page4 Benefits of Shared Placement - each bulleted with their own green smiley face.
Might take 2 pages.
Page5 Conclusion

Pull quotes in there? Not sure. Hope the draft will be done by tomorrow, so we can get them printed and ready by Tuesday for sure. Better get on it....I think I need some coffee....still feeling a little groggy....I should be sitting at the table instead of reclining in bed....


Debbie said...

How often do you have to have the dilatation?
How long do the effects last?
When do they decide no more dilatations and then go to surgery?

Natalie Joy said...

Yeah for eating subs!!!
And, good for you on the lobbying thing. I really think you should talk to Steve after he and Nicole get married. This is the kind of thing he needs to know about.
Thanks for all your help watching the kids tonight so the rest of the parents could go out. We owe you one.

Beefy said...

:) Hope you had a good time! Yeah, you'll have to point me in the direction to talk to Steve. That'd be awesome.

Debbie, I have no idea! :) I think he's on new territory with me, so he doesn't really know what to expect. He's going to keep checking back to see if I'm doing okay. I would think every few months would be a waste of time - maybe go to surgery if it's around that time frame? Did you run into that at all?

Debbie said...

I never had a dilatation. When first discovered my achalasia was massive and so a myotomy had to be done immediately I was down to 73 lbs and I was in my mid 20's. That lasted for a long while.

T said...

so,... are you running for governor soon??? :) Let's go out to eat sometime!! Now that you can. :)

Heth said...

I'm glad the dialation helped some. That has to be a little bit encouraging doesn't it?

Beefy said...

t, you couldn't pay me to be a polotician. NO way I'd do it. But I'd love to go out and eat! :) and it is encouraging! Thank you guys!