Saturday, March 11, 2006

Title? How could I choose?!

Laying in bed watching Braveheart. I love this movie....gets ya' a little pumped up! Fighting for the cause! The plot goes something like this: the authority makes rules that should not be. Everyone lives by them. One person stands up and says no. Others follow. He tells them, "You've missed your God given right for something better." Together, they overcome this obstacle. They stick together and come out on top. Now who couldn't learn a little something from Braveheart?

These people were living by the rules thinking it was not a great life to lead, but that's just the way it is. ONE person started the revolution. My question is, what do we compromise and just live with? And honestly, where do you start to change something. Let's start with society. Premarital sex has become so normal, that if someone actually stands up for purity, it's viewed as abnormal. I remember telling certain people that Harry and I were going to wait until we were married - I will never forget the looks on their faces. "Why on Earth would you do that?" was what it looked like. "Test the waters" was the advice I got. Thank God for the Bible!

On a lighter note, we actually went out today! We went to a movie - Failure to Launch. It was a cute movie. Tiffany did very well. Sat and stared at that huge screen for a good hour. :) Then she ate and fell asleep. She did get a little Slo Poke, I confess. Felt good to get out anyway.

And I am going to advertise to scrapbook other people's pictures. Goofy idea? I looked up pricing, and the going rate is about 12 bucks a page. Does that seem low or high to anyone?

Now, for Rice Crispy Bars. Marshmallow Creme, Marshmallows, or something else? I use 1 cup light karo syrup and 1 cup sugar (and peanut butter if I feel like it). Top with chocolate chips - they're great! And I am out of liquid smoke. Looked at Fareway, Hy-Vee, Super Wal-Mart, and Super Target. Any other ideas?? Do you find it sad that I can't post about one topic? What am I supposed to title these? Maybe I should make up a title first like T, then just stick with it. But what would the fun of that be for my wandering brain?


Beefy said...

Do you guys type in your title first or last??

T said...

I've gotten better with the title... now sometimes I actually wait until last.

Okay here you go: 12 bucks a page seems a bit high. But, talk to me when I'm desperate, and it might not seem that way. Of course, you should see my scrapbooks... they aren't that creative.

liquid smoke in rice krispie bars? why?!?!?

Braveheart is a good movie... haven't seen the other one. I would have babysat for you to go to a movie alone... but..NOoooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo. you never remember me!!!

liese said...

please tell me you are not putting liquid smoke with rice krispies!!! I have some in my cupboard if you still need some.

Heth said...

Rice krispie bars with the peanut butter in them are the death of me. Ohmyword.

Braveheart is too scary.

Beefy said...

No, not liquid smoke IN the bars! It's for the beef jerky I want to make! :)

Rev60 said...


Rev60 said...

Ooh thought I'd mention that I first saw this movie in a double feature with Judge Dred. Not so good of a movie.

meLanie said...

tiffany is just the sweetest little thing, and she is so strong!! she is going to be a little knockout!
i love movies that make you want to go out and tackle the world, narnia is that way too... bring it on!!!
in minneaplis my sister said they go by the hour... which in the city is way more. i don't think $12 sounds too high... it's a lot of work!!-and talent too!

iridium said...

I've never seen all of Bravehart....well maybe I have, but not in one sitting.

I would TOTALLY go see Failure to Launch...but not becasue of Matthew McConaughey or Sarah Jessica Parker...they play PAINTBALL!

Angela said...

I usually type title last. I think. No, maybe first. But mine are lame, so don't ask me.

This was a good post. The variety was actually nice.