Thursday, February 05, 2009

Save Some Money with me.

My name is Amie, and I am a coupon-holic. I love words like BOGO (buy one get one) and FREE! I have had a lot of questions about where I get my coupons and how much time it really takes. I guess this disease I have is contagious? So here goes all my secrets ;)

#1. The Recycle Center. It is a bit humbling digging through the newspaper bin for coupon inserts, but seriously - more coupons than you will need. But they are free - beats a $2 paper every week.

#2. Click here: The Coupon Loop - great.

#3. And here: SD - seriously great.

#4. Target Coupons

#5. Betty Crocker Coupons

#6. Pillsbury Coupons

#7. Smart Source Online


#9. Search by Store

#10. Or circulars for all local stores here

#11. A few great blogs:
Coupon Geek
Coupon Saving Family
Savvy Savings Tucson
Frugal in Virginia
Common Sense With Money
The downfall? Different states = different grocery stores. Haven't found one in Iowa yet. So I'd like to be it. Except by the time I get done reading and looking at all this, I don't have much time to type out my grocery list with corresponding store and coupon deals. But I am going to start trying. But I need your vote!!! Should I post this stuff on my this blog - or use the "Save a buck" blog?

What would you like to know about saving money??


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Dude, this is the motherload of coupon wisdom.

I'm just going to book mark this page and use it continually.

God has some plans for me to live more frugally...did I mention I'm not so fond of these plans?!?!

Please move to tiny town and we can clip coupons together and dig through the recycling...I'm sure it's better in pairs ;)

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

love this post! I like seeing one blog...but don't feel strongly either way as I can subscribe to both if you decide to do that.

jenni said...

You are the coupon queen!!!! I loved the sites you listed. If you come across some really good deals online I think you should totally blog it I know I'd appreciate it. Who doesn't want to save some $ !
Love ya girl. Won't be at craft night tonight. My grpa is in the hospital. :( Going to go see him.

MommyCorbie said...

What would I like to know about saving money? Here it goes:

How much time does it take you each week to look through ads, clip coupons and organize?

How often do you go shopping (groceries, odds & ins and special deals), and how many stores do you go to?

I love this "all in one" list of great deals!! Thanks, AJ!

jenni said...

lovin' my hair... tell your sis she rocks!