Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Husband

He loves me. :) Can you tell?

Harry went back to work after New Years Day, and was laid off from his job temporarily. So he stayed home and warmed up the couch a lot, trying to find a job on the internet. And I am happy to say all that warming paid off! I could keep my feet warm AND he started a job at Steris last week! He had worked at his job for 17 years, and the last couple years, he knew it was going to be time for something else in the near future. Harry has always liked to feel "secure", and when that is thrown off, he is thrown off. :) I can say that because he will love me anyway.

I will be slowing down on the blogging, I'm sure. Here's why:

He is still in Iowa, but we will only get to see him on weekends for the next 4 weekends or so. Then he will be off to Ohio for a couple weeks, and then to Pennsylvania for 9 (NINE) weeks. He is planning to be back home at least by the middle of June. I will have to fly out and see him - he is a couple hours from Niagara Falls during the Pennsylvania weeks!

Anyway, this single mom thing isn't really what I had in mind while he was couch warming. I miss him. TONS. Even in the first week, I have quickly realized how much he really does for me. He keeps the girls occupied so I can actually get caught up on loose-ends housework (laundry put away, mail sorted, etc.). He would stay in the bathroom during bath time and I could clean up from supper. He picks on me enough to keep me smiling. He did my dishes while he was home. I MISS THAT ALREADY. And I really realized it when I went to the basement today to get some cookie dough from the freezer and found 4-6 inches of water covering the floor. Cool, huh?

Sump pump went out, Ray came over with a little pump, and fixed us up for now. Things will obviously go wrong in my house before June hits, but who will fix it for me? My fantastic husband does all the work on our cars, all the heavy-duty work, lifting, maintenance on everything (even if it doesn't need it!), and still keeps my feet warm at night. I love that man. He's my best friend. The girls aren't real thrilled about him being gone - let's just leave it at that. :) come back soon, honey! But, congratulations on finding a secure job, no matter what the economy does! I know it will be well worth it at the end of this!


Heth said...

Oh Amie! What a tough haul. I'm glad he was able to find something but bummer on the single mom front!

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

First, love that picture! cute!
Second, I will pray for grace for the challenge for you!

melanie said...

i think the girls need to come visit me while you visit your honey.. :)

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that I will be there for you, as much as you are for me!!! Please call on me!!! Remember, I make cheddar bay yummy's!!! :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

OK, so I still haven't taken the time to figure out the blogger thing....but remember what I said about the slumber parties for us grownups, movies, popcorn...I'm serious, I'll be there. hmmm, I can smell that homemade bread right now! LYLAS, WPL

Tina said...

Please let me know if you need help with anything. I'm here for you. Coffee? Errands? Anything.

ann said...

I am so late reading this! I'm so glad he found a new job, and I'm sorry you are soloing for awhile. Where in PA is he? We are in the Harrisburg area. I have no clue where Niagra Falls is. I still haven't taken the time to learn the geography here.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I've read this post 3 times since you wrote it and never commented because every stinkin' time I cry and then I don't know what to say.

I'm not sure why it makes me cry. Are you crying? If not, I'm crying for you :)

It overwhelms me just reading it...