Saturday, February 14, 2009

Deals for the day

Old Navy had a Valentine's Coupon: $5 off any purchase when you color a valentine. So we did. All of us. :) So we had 5 coupons = $25 off today! Woo Hoo! White pack of socks to the left were marked 8.99, plus 50% off. $4.50 with a $5 coupon is FREE! The white shirts, blue shirts, and brown pants to the left were on sale for 2 FOR $6. So Tiffany and Stacy bought their own. $6 minus $5 coupon = $1.00 for 2 items. Stoked. Then the individual socks were 10 for $10. So those ended up to be $5 after the coupon. Then we headed to Younkers and bought TWO 2-packs of leggings on the right. The 2-packs were $22.00, marked down to $5.14!

Total today (including tax) for 6 pants, 4 shirts, and 20 socks in the picture: 8.56 Old Navy + 10:28 Younkers = $18.84
New clothes that will fit this year = priceless.


Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

LOVE the new layout!
you are amazing! you must be on a bargain HIGH!!! woohoo!!!

jenni said...

You are my idol!!!!!! How was the starbucks?

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness! How can I repay you for today!?! :o) I still can't believe what the "crap" happened today! Oh my gosh... stuff like that only happens in movies... like Dumb and Dumber... ya know? :o)

Thanks again for helping a perfect stranger in dire straits! You will be BLESSED I'm sure! We'll have to get together for a playdate sometime! :o) Ah... and you have a girl named, Stacy... AND it's even spelled the "right way"! Hahaha! Ladies named, "Stacy" are just destined to be "cool"! ;o)

How old are all of your kids??

Heth said...

You are a pro.