Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scrappin' Girls

So my amazing weekend is recorded here. A scrapbooking retreat that I really really really really wanted. And I was looking at not going - it wasn't exactly in the budget. And then my friend calls me and says my weekend has been taken care of and all I have to do is show up - because they just want me to go. A couple days later, my husband gets laid off from his job - making the $70 weekend out of the question without these two women.

These 2 wonderful ladies paid my weekend - I spent a total of $8.19. $4 on paper and $4.19 on a rare treat my hubby doesn't find much. 4 grams of trans fat per serving - these things are awesome. But SO not good for you. Aaaaanyway.....I got Andy's scrapbook DONE up to the point of his gravestone being placed in the cemetery. And I cried a lot. No, it was more like a ton. By Saturday afternoon, I wasn't even going to attempt to reapply make-up. And it was healing - amazingly healing. And the best part? I had two women who were there for me. There's not a whole lot of support in my bedroom at my craft desk upstairs after everyone has gone to sleep. I had friends to cry with, and pause with, and reflect with, and talk with, and laugh laugh at. :) And they helped me keep on keeping on. I took a couple breaks, but I accomplished what I went there to accomplish - and Jenni and Sarah made such a difference in my life by holding me up and encouraging me and being so giving by taking care of my cost, and by just being there with me. I love them both. so. so. much. Jenni doesn't have a blog....yet.....but Sarah does - so stop on by here and give her a little love. She has great reads. :)


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

...Jenni really is fun to laugh at... ;)

You are amazing, I just want you to know that. AND you are my newest bestest friend...lucky lucky you :)

Oh, one more thing...right at this moment I actually do not hate scrapbooking...that's progress I think. Progress.

Heth said...

Sounds amazing. That right there is true fellowship.

melanie said...

sounds like it was amazing.
so are you... love ya!

jenni said...

I found your BLOG!!!! Are you impressed... i know you are. :) Having you there was the real blessing. God knew that you needed to be there so He worked it all out. Can't wait to hear how your hubby's special treat turned out! :) Love you lots and so glad that God brought us together as friends.

ann said...

Beautiful post, Amie.