Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hello, all.

I am taking part in a SIDS walk on Saturday, August 23rd in Mason City . As I'm sure you know, my son died of SIDS in January at just 6 weeks old, and I think this is a great opportunity to raise money for SIDS research.

I am so excited to meet other SIDS parents in person and celebrate the lives of our babies, and come together to help save all the babies we can! I have attached a link to the organization’s website in case you would like more information regarding the walk:


If you would like to make a donation, you may send me a check made payable to The Iowa SIDS Foundation. Every little bit helps, but certainly don’t feel obligated to do so. I will be taking any donations with me on Saturday; however I can forward anything after Saturday directly to the foundation. I would be more than happy to pick up any donations as well!

You can e-mail me at IowaMother@yahoo.com with any questions! Thank you so much!!!


Angela said...

Can I give you something on Sunday or will you be around to pick it up today? I have plans right after work or I would bring it to you. Let me know what you want to do.

BTW, I would walk with you, but we have a Creative Arts Team gathering tomorrow at noon.

Love you!

Angela said...

Oh, and do you play the bass? Can you learn quickly?

This is not a joke.

ann said...

Oh, Amie! Today was the day of the walk. I hope it brought healing and love to you. I hope you'll tell us about it.