Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I have been spending most extra minutes I have in front of my craft desk. I am making greeting cards! :) LOVE it! and with glue sticks 22 cents per 2-pack, I'm getting by pretty cheap my friends.

I will be selling these cards in a craft show. I'd like to bundle them in 10-packs. So in that 10, we have:

2thank you
get well
just a hello

doesn't add up to 10, I know.
now for holidays.....separate holidays greeting pack? My question to you is:

What cards would most likely use all of - give me your perfect 10 pack!


Tina said...

Aren't you little miss craftiness?

I'd have to say my perfect ten would be blank note cards. I love them and constantly find myself in the card aisle for hours oogling over which ones to get.

And as for the holidays, do them separate. I'd get really annoyed if I bought a bunch of cards in June and it had a Valentine card in it. :)

Angela said...

I'm with T on the blank - I love them, too. Then again, we both love to write in cards! ;-) The following 10-pack would be great:
2 uplifting
2 thank you
2 birthday
2 just hello

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I love cards of encouragement or just "thinking of you."

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I'm writing cards all the time, they all sound good!

PS - where's your craft show, I might need me some of those ;)

mommycorbie said...

My perfect 10 pack:
6 birthday
1 thinking of you
1 thank you
1 sympathy
1 blank

I sure wish I got around to sending more out!!