Sunday, June 25, 2006


Here. Everything will have all 0-9 numbers. If you guys haven't tried this, try it. All rows up and down, left and right, all square blocks will not duplicate a number. Say wa-hoo if you love it!


Natalie Joy said...

I LUH-HUV Sodoku! It can be really addicting.

Sudoku fan said...

Yeah it's really really addicting. I've found some other sizes on

Heth said...


I was trying to avoing Sodoku.

*sigh* Wa-hoo.

T said...

i suck at that. really. bad.

MsDee said...

I suck at math period and I tried this the other day and had flashbacks of algebra class. it aint algebra but it might as well be.

give me shakespeare or Beckett anyday over math

math! ugh! deliver me Lord!