Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Plan F is a good thing

Why am I up so early yesterday, she asks. Well, this is the story. Harry ended up on my side of the bed after much shifting last night. Woke up to an alarm going off, but he couldn't get to it because of the baby rail I put up on my side just in case I fell asleep nursing Tiffany. So I tell him to stay put and I'll turn the alarm off. Snooze exactly 3 times. So I was kind of up at 5:15, but really up at 5:45. He can't listen to the radio for more than 10 seconds in the morning, you see - bugs him. Bugs me not to. How on earth did we get paired together? What was He thinking?? :) It was lucky that I was awake anyway, because my sister is having a Tupperware party for me on Friday so I can get qualified in my 30 days, wasn't that nice. She's the best. So I came downstairs to get on the computer to print off labels for the party to send out invites. Finish them and they look great! Print. OH NO! I put 1:00 instead of 2:00 on it. I let one print and figured I can change them with a pen later, but pulled the paper tray out so it would think "out of paper" and cancel for me. Too late, it grabbed the paper too quickly. Paper jam and I mean PAPER JAM. 10 minutes later I went to

Plan B. Well, we have another printer. I'll just hook it up to this computer and print it from that one. No such luck. It wasn't installed on my laptop (which is the computer I'm most always on). Well, it's going to take more time to install it than it is to just type it up on Harry's computer that IS hooked up to that printer. So we move on to

Plan C. Now, I adore my laptop, but something just had to be done. Turn the other computer on, 20 minutes later, I got it typed up and looking great. Matching colors, lines up great AND it says 2:00....Sounds like a big fat "print" to me. What? What's ink? Obviously, someone forgot to let the printer in on a little idea called "clarity". Couldn't even hardly read it. Whatever. Is there a

Plan D? Okay, I'll e-mail them to Wendy because I'm getting my hair done anyway today. And I'll open them on her computer and print them over there before we go to the salon. Woke her up - whoops. She opens her e-mail because, like I said before, she's the best. Can't open it on her computer - probably not because she doesn't have Microsoft WORDDDDDD, but we didn't know why. *grit teeth* and on to

Plan E. By this time it's 8:45. If I get Tiffany up and ready, we can be over to Harry's work on his 9:30 break and he can print them there. So I e-mail the document to him, but have no way of telling him I'm coming because his phone is on the way (from ebay) and I can't text message him. So we run around getting things ready for Wendy's party, doing hair, and our doctor appt all in one. Harry calls and I tell him we're sitting outside, and after explaining all this to him, I give him the labels and asked if he could try to print it for me. Well, in the 1 minute (well, maybe a little longer) I alotted for him to figure all this out, the best he could do was the copy machine, but the paper wasn't going to work in there for the time he had. Do we even HAVE a

Plan F??? Get to Wendy's house by 9:55. Type all the labels up AGAIN and click on the little "print" button. SUCCESS! Sorry you asked about how my day has been? But by Saturday my hair will be just right for the parade. :) 3 cheers for plan F!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!


Angela said...

Oh, my word. That is hysterical. So it's not because of KIDS, it's because of a HUSBAND that you were up so early. Hmmm. Well, at least it's not your natural body clock. I'm just not sure what to do with people who like being up that early. And I like you too much to let this get in the way. :-) Ha ha ha...thanks for sharing. Too funny.

T said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT is the most hilarious story ever!

I was going to volunteer to be plan G... but F seemed to work!

:) Thanks for cracking me up today!

Natalie Joy said...

"Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my mama said."
"Mama said, Mama said".
I can just hear that little song in my head. Hope your day got better.

Heth said...

Whew! Did you take a nap?

Beefy said...

What's a nap? lol