Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Know what else?

Oh hello there blogging friends. I don't really have a lot to say today, but I'm bored. So I'm blogging about nothing. :) Well, not nothing - I'll tell you the highlight of my day.

Know what? Had a GREAT supper tonight! A supper from the church crew. I won't mention any names, but her initials are Chris Long. Oops. Heth, you must have had it made when you were a kid! Chili for Harry and Potato Soup with Ham for me. Fresh Rolls and Tapioca. Boy, oh boy it was good! I saved some for lunch tomorrow. Mmmm! I can't sleep cause I'm excited about eating it (among other things), but I want to save it for tomorrow. Potato soup is the best! I think we have the best church ever - the meals they bring are awesome, and I think we have some of the best cooks ever right here in Waverly.

Know what else? I don't like to sleep. I love getting rest, but the sleep part isn't my favorite. Nightmares and vivid dreams always accompany my sleep. I go to sleep always after 1, usually 2:30 or so - and I don't really like to get going right when I wake up in the morning. I'm a slow riser. I mean SLOW. No matter what time I "wake up", I'm not really awake until noonish. lol, isn't that sad?

Know what else? I like to watch movies over and over and over.....until I have them memorized. I figure that way I don't ever have to sit down to watch it again - I can just recite it in my head. :) My sisters used to use me as a human VCR on our trips to Minnesota when we were younger. They would have parts of my face that were fast forward, rewind, play, stop, slow, and pause may have been their favorite. Oh, the things you'll learn when I'm bored.

Know what else? I'm not a great conversationalist. I love talking to people, but run into not knowing what to say a lot of the time. I'm getting better about asking questions to keep it going, you'll be happy to know. Well, I don't know about "happy" to know, but you're going to know cause you just can't stop reading this, even though you have a hundred things that would be better to do. Stupidity fascinates people. Welcome.

Hahaha! If you could only see me laughing at myself! I'm just too funny. I have nothing better to do and you're suffering through it. Glad to have you here.

Know what else? At the last garage sale we had, I had the BEST idea! Oh, it was funny. We've had this big off-white sweater with an american flag on it that was passed down, and all 3 of us girls wore it. Anyway, I pull the thing out and am ready to mark 10 cents or something on it and my sister says, "Ugh, put that in the free box! I don't EVER want to see it again!" Know what I did? I wrapped it up for Christmas for her......oh, it was the best!

Know what else? I'm going to tell you everyone's gag gifts for Christmas. When I was little (5 or so), we were at my great-grandma's farm. She had peacocks. I hate peacocks. The feathers freak me out. Completely give me the willies. My lovely sisters put a couple peacock feathers under the sheets of the bed I was going to sleep in, and when I pulled back those covers, I screamed and cried. Aren't they mean? Anyway, I always get teased about the dumb things and I open my gift this year and here are these 2 stupid metal peacocks you can hang on the wall. I "accidentally" left them at Mom and Dad's. :)

Know what else? Jerry (my brother) goes hunting with Dad and sometimes they drive through Strawberry Point. Well, Jerry tells my dad every time they go through here that he absolutely hates Strawberry Point. Don't know why. Just hates it. So Dad gets a thermal coffee cup and has my sister write "Strawberry Point" on it in neat lettering. Souvenier for the Strawberry Point fan.

Know what else? When my sister (mommy corbie) was in high school, she got her thumb drilled through. She was in shop class and holding this metal thing and someone else was drilling a hole in it. It was one of those hand-held drills, and it slipped. Went in at the bottom corner of her thumb nail and came out the other end. Then the shop teacher has a great idea and drills it back out. lol, obviously it wasn't funny at the time, but she still gets teased about that. So dad (or was it my other sister?) wraps up a handheld drill he found on the side of the road on "junking days". That was a good one.

Know what else? We LOVE junking days! In the cities (Minnesota), they have days where they just set their "garbage" out on the side of the road and people drive by and go through it and pick up the stuff they want. It is the BEST time! We actually plan for this every year. Anybody wanting to come with this year is completely invited! It's like garage sales only you don't have to park your car (cause it's all on the side of the road) and it's all free! Last year I got a bunch of bikes (for daycare) and a vanity for the downstairs bathroom (sink included). Harry got a few weed eaters that he's very happy with - gas and electric. Dad really racks it in, though. We're comletely jealous. He finds the most awesome things - new sterio/CD player with a remote. Works great, beautiful. Free on the side of the road. I won't mention digging through the actual garbage and finding cool stuff. And I won't mention that I found my FAVORITE Christmas decoration dumpster diving. lol, The things you learn when I'm bored.

Know what else? This is a long blog. I think I'll spare you now. See ya' tomorrow! I'm sure I'll be bored again soon. TTFN, Ta Ta For Now! I usually proof-read before I publish a post, but it's too long and I'm lazy. So I'll let you do it. Let me know if I have too many typos! Cause I know you read all of it. :) You just can't resist stupidity, can you. Sad, isn't it?


Heth said...

LOL! you are too funny. The gag gifts sound hilarious. It sounds like your family has a great time together.

iridium said...


Very funny!

Natalie Joy said...

Hope you're feeling better. It sounds like you are. You are a funny little lady and I love you!!!

MommyCorbie said...

Okay, here it goes:

Spell Check. In paragraph 11, "comletely" should have been "completely." Other than that, the document looks great!

I'm glad you enjoyed your meal... that was sweet!

What's with the nightmares?

About the peacock feathers - we're not the monsters you made us out to be. :) As I recall, we actually put the feathers under the bed hoping they were hidden enough that you wouldn't find them. You were looking for something later that week and thought it was under your bed, hence the loud screams from the upstairs bedroom that dark day. :)

Junkin, oh junkin! We're dad's protégés, and I think he loves it!

As far as the human VCR was concerned, my favorite mode was slow motion!! That's hilarious! Oh, the memories... can we do it again soon?!

Beefy said...

Thanks for proofreading! And I've always had nightmares. Must be part of my overactive imagination due to my childhood traumas? Haha

And sure....you wanted to hide peacock feathers and you picked the room *I* was sleeping in out of all of them? Sure....sure....I wasn't supposed to find them. :)

And how on earth did you get the little accents above your e's in proteges?