Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hum Dee Dum...

Oh, let's see. What's new. My kids were running completely naked outside all afternoon. And I didn't even stop them. I hope they don't need psychological reviews on childhood memories in their adult years when they get an indecent exposure lock-down. But....with all the magic tricks Harry sent home they should be able to bend the bars just right to escape....or at least entertain the jailers with their pull-the-bunny-from-the-hat trick.

Remember this? We added on. Got a puppy today. He needed a good farm yard to run around on. He is a yellow lab. 6 months old. Name: Diesel. Changing name. I think we will call him Buddy. Buddy will take some training. He has a few little habits we need to talk about.
1. He sniffs our female constantly.
2. Tries to mount. Baaaaad idea. Seriously. There are children watching. We laid the smack-down today.
3. He nibbled a little at Darin's hand - like a puppy would do.
BUT, he was eagerly welcomed in by the kids (Olivia would have rather had a parrot, though) and he didn't jump up on them or scare them at all. So, pictures to come. But, Welcome Buddy! We're glad to try this new adventure out - hope it's a permanent one! Maybe we can pull you from a hat, too. Here. Hold still.


Heth said...

Welcome, Buddy!

jenni said...

Just look at it this way... they are learning at a young age to avoid tan lines! Wow your a brave soul with 2 dogs now, but they are outside so not as big of a deal. Are you wanting to have puppies down the road or what?
p.s. camp was GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Buddy!!! We LOVE Sadie, so you better be as nice and welcoming as her! :)

MommyCorbie said...

Those girls have enough tricks up their sleeves... you're trying to teach them more? Did you forget the number of carseats Tiffy can escape from?! ;)

Welcome, Buddy! Welcome future pups. LOL

In all seriousness, your family must bring you so much joy!