Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, we live out here in the middle of nowhere, and I was getting tired of the skunks and the FEAR of going out into that open night to get something out the van because I'm that much of a chicken. Wanted a dog to shoo animals and (ahem, the cats - Harry, pretend you didn't read that) and mean people, you get the point. I am a scardy dork and just needed a dog. But what do I want in a dog? Let's see (this was my list of what to look for in a dog). Doing a LIST.
1. Doesn't sniff butts
2. Doesn't beg for food
3. If you don't want to pet it, it goes away.
4. Chases animals away (and the gray cat)
5. Won't jump up on anyone
6. Good with kids!!!
7. Won't run off all the time
8. Is nice to visitors
9. Doesn't sniff their butts either
10. Won't knock my kids down, and scare them
11. Older dog (out of the puppy-biting stage)
12. Can't be an indoor dog
13. No Black Dogs
14. Hunting capabilities
So, a friend called and said there was a dog in the credit union swap sheet, so we called and went to look at her. Beautiful dog, 4 years old, lived out on a farm before with 1 and 3 year old children, and parents are divorcing (and I assume moving) so could not keep her. She was living in a heated garage all summer in town. It did not take long to decide we wanted her to join us out on the "rinky dinky double dee farm". Asked what he wanted for her, and he says "nothing, I just want to see her go to a good home". WOO! Do you KNOW how much dogs are?? Humane Society had over 100 on their adoption price, I was happy. Sadie is her name, and we went to Wal-Mart to grab some quick things (like food and a chain, so she wasn't exactly FREE). Took her home and put her on one of those cables staked into the ground. She was on it for a day, then walked her around the perimeter of the yard so she would know boundaries, and *note: I'm sure she was holding back on commenting on how big of a DORK I was because she knew this farm business well. Let her off the leash the next day, and she hasn't been back on since. Has not run off once, goes on point (which means she's a HUNTER, hehe - maybe her and I can go get some pheasant), GREAT with the kids, just say she meets ALL my criteria for what I want in a dog! Here she is, she has become part of our family very quickly....and have smelled no more skunks around here! And the gray cat is no longer meowing for food at my door! I would like that cat better if she would let anyone pet her (for the record!).

And she takes a WHOLE lot of abuse by these two! They knock her down, pull her hair, and try to ride on her. We've had her for a month, and she has never bit or sniffed butts. :) She needed a place to RUN without restraint. Really, we have been great for each other.


melanie said...

what was that.. the rinky dinky double dee farm??? haha!! she is a very beautiful, non-butt sniffing doggie!! yah! and tell us more about the gray kitty..
ps, do you want to trade?? seems she is much more mature than gus.

Heth said...

Tina is going to be jealous.

Yeah, the butt sniffing thing, that's so annoying. It would be #1 on my list too. I'm glad you found a match. And for free!

Beefy said...

Oh, it's peas, peas, peas,
that make you want to sneeze
on the FARM
on the FARM
Oh, it's peas, peas, peas,
that make you want to sneeze
on the Rinky Dinky Double Dee Farm.

HELLO?? I can't even find lyrics on google! Wee Sing Silly Songs, tell me I'm not the only one who listened to that as a kid?

Ranks right up there with
Eddy cootcha catcha cama,
Tosa neira tosa nova,
Sama cama wacky Brown!

Oh, fine - my sister just told me it's "Hinky Dinky Double Dee Farm"
she has the tape. The Verses:
Corn that makes you feel forlorn
Meat that knocks you off your feet
Pie that makes you want to cry
Soup that makes you want to droop
Peas that make you want to sneeze
Beans that make you feel so mean

These songs molded me into who I am today.

melanie said...

i have always wondered how you became such an incredible person!!!
you. crack. me. up!!!
i have never heard it! it's as foreign as bulgarian to these ears!.. i must hear in person!

momzie said...

I think Someone picked a dog out for you. Talk about custom designed. I love when a dog will let the toddlers hang all over it and just stand there with it's tongue hanging out and wag it's tail.

ann said...

Seriously, you can't do better than a well-trained lab. They are the best. So good with kids, so loyal. I'm so happy that she's a good dog for you. Watch out at Christmas, though. She might knock the tree down with that powerful tail of hers :)

Oh! You should take her for a nice swim at the river sometime. They love the water.

MommyCorbie said...

Gotta love Sadie.

I don't think I told you, but now Juliana is naming everything Sadie. Go figure!

Wee Sing Silly Songs - gotta love them too!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Perfection, hand-picked for you...totally priceless! :)