Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grocery Sales

Some of these deals were just too good to not post about. If you like Fareway (I shop at both), they will price match for you!! Printables are listed. If you don't other coupons, head over to the recycle center - I bet you could find them! ;)

1 lb. Strawberries 0.99
Hamburger or Chicken Helper 0.99
Chicken of the Sea Tuna 0.66
2 Cups HyVee Cheese 0.99

Barilla Pasta 0.99
PLUS -0.50/1 to -1.00/1 from newspaper insert (not sure which varieties are on sale)

Ragu Sauce 0.99
PLUS -0.30 coupon from newspaper insert

Quaker Granola Bars or Bites 1.99
PLUS -1.00/2 HERE

Hershey's Bliss 3.48
PLUS -1.00/1 HERE

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables 1.28
PLUS -0.60/2 HERE (May need to register)

Old Orchard 64 oz. Juice 0.99
PLUS -1.00/2 HERE

Life Cereal 1.98
PLUS -1.00/1 HERE

Hy-Vee Bacon 1.99
Dole Head of Lettuce 0.69 In-Ad Coupon
Pepsi 12 Pack Cans 3 for 8.88

1 comment:

jenni said...

Just printed my Life coupon! You are the queen of coupons! It's a disease you know :)