Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picture Wednesday

Country = Bugs. I saw a sticker in Wal-Mart (harry calls it the evil empire) that said "Smile Now, Pay Later". That's what these little ants are doing. Unknowingly, just a little bit of this can wipe out their own people. Just because they entered MY house. (So, I would represent Satan I guess - in this story). Whether it be us entering into gossip (the leading terro for woman - little goes a LONG way), profanity, disobedience, or a general terro lifestyle....They entered my house and I got 'em. It looked great for them, having a good time out of the rain, with plenty of sugar laying around - feasting time....tomorrow there may be one or two left, then none the next day. Share the terro, get 'em all. This has been big for me - these ants have actually done me a favor this spring. Do I really want to infect my brothers and sisters, husband and children because I have a down day? I could always find some way to be an encouragement - obedience.

Let me introduce you to....Mud Man. Rolling around after the storms in his underwear. Can't beat that.

These are our closest neighbors.......zoomed in.

So many nights I stare at this sky with all different colors and think "Lord, how beautiful. And you must look at this like I look at my first scrapbooking pages. As if to say they are okay, but look WHAT ELSE I made? I can't wait to see."

and here is the trouble, there's not a frog in the garbage can, or any bugs. It's empty. but awefully fun to stare at. Harry, so many days I completely take you for granted, picking at the things I would change about you. So sorry. This comes to mind now because I look at this picture in two ways. One - what a fun dad, joining in with the girls looking into an empty garbage can because they get a kick out of it. And two - why are they staring into it? Do they think the new garbage bag magically appears? Get on it, children! :)

LOVE when I catch these two doing the same things at the same times. Like holding their spoons with their right hand, and eating yogurt with their left....meaning no spoon. And yogurt all. over.

I think I will be okay now.....for the record.


melanie said...

I want to just hug you. I love the visual of the scrap booking page. I seriously can not wait to see heaven. I can't imagine. Can't even grasp the tip of God. And the terro illustration is so right on. And you have the most beautiful girls. And... Daren is a hoot!!! I want to do it too!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What awesome pictures! The last one is so, so precious...little ones, "recharging"

glad you're gonna be okay... :)

Heth said...

Those are some great pictures girl. Love those two little sweeties, sleeping away.

Cyndi said...

What great pictures! I can't decide which is more beautiful... a sunset painted by the finger of God... or sleeping toddlers, LOL. And I do think it looks like they're waiting for the new bag to magically spring up out of the bottom of the trash can. (That IS how it works, right? ;)

ann said...

Oooh this was a good one. And I love your pictures, the girls are adorable and I loved your scrapbook analogy.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

The picture of the girls sleeping is priceless!