Monday, April 21, 2008

My Week.

10:00 katie comes to babysit
11:00 child support hearing
6:00 school carnival meeting at high school

9:00 bible study
Sister has appt. to see if she has her baby!!! I will also have
her daughter sometime this week (hopefully this week)
2:00 katie comes to babysit
4:00 Harry & I appt. with Anne

I would LOVE to take a friend out this day.
We will see if it works out!
6:30 church

5:30 leave for work
6:00 carnival meeting (obviously won't make that one)
Have my nephew overnight

3:10 get Olivia and Darin for weekend
3:30 get my nephew back to his dad
5:30 - 8 school carnival (finally!)

2am wake up
3am go to church to work the lock in for the kids
7:30 garage sales (city-wides if I can make it to that location)
church clean-up day

8:30 church
5:00 bring kids back to .... town

So this makes 22 times into "town" one-way this week. 20 minutes each. How much is gas, again? I like the weeks I can sit and catch up on laundry, have a cup of coffee during nap time, have supper ready when Harry gets know. But if I didn't have weeks like this one, would I really appreciate the relaxed ones?


naomi said...

22xs- that's insane. just think though.. not to many days until barefoot feet in the garden. yippee!! crank up some really good music and boogie with those girls each 20 minutes... have a good one babe!

Sarah said...

You're is the crazy ones that make me appreciate the no-so-crazy :)

Don't figure out how much gas it will probably make you sick :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I feel so loved now!!! Not once did you leave room to throw me a huge birthday party.
Sad. Maybe I will just go to city-wides by myself!!!! :(

ann said...

Yay for school carnivals and church lock-ins!

Heth said...

You need some good books on cd or something. You could finish a novel in one week!! :)