Friday, April 11, 2008


I’ve been tagged! And the rules are…
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2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
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At Ann's request, I would be happy to share 7 weird random things about myself

1. I eat everything in twos. 2 jellybeans (LOVE the coconut, but can't stand the buttered popcorn flavor - and they are WAY TOO similar in color! - Result: Mmm, uhh, ack, quick swallow.), 2 bites of hot dog at a time, 2 m&ms. Same color, 2 blue, 2 red, and the one yellow, one brown, and one orange left goes to Harry.

2. DO NOT go in circles around me. E.V.E.R. Drives me nuts. If I walk to the left of you, I will be going by you the same way when I leave, so there is nothing that has gone in a full circle around me. if I fail, it makes me twitch - and explaining that to people makes me sound like the biggest fruitcake of the holiday. Tina. I don't say this to egg you on. Don't be showing up Sunday and running around me. You will pay. :)

3. I am smitten with action movies, but hardly can stand them anymore because of the language and nudity. There are a few I have found that are great, but it's rare. LOVE the theatrical version and unrated version where you can choose to leave the junk out of the movie. GREAT thinking, people. Love Bruce Willis - he looks like my brother a little - same mannerism.

4. I adore coffee. But not black coffee. I like to to buy flavored creamer - it's the only way to drink my only addiction. They are all growing on me, but Carmel Vanilla .... The Bomb so far.

5. Organizing by color makes me feel peaceful. :) Seriously.

6. I long to be older....Oh, do I long. 26, as I know I've said before is a party age. That's not me. I party with my toddlers, not the college pub crowd.

7. I grew up a "city....(town) girl", but I live out here with the sunsets, corn and bean fields, bugs (EWW), and farm equipment as of last year and LOVE IT. We just got Sadie, a 4 year old golden lab yesterday. "That's all I have to say about that."

I tag 2 people that have disappeared lately! Angela and Natalie


naomi said...

ok ok, so when you go around something, say a house do you have to go back around it the same way?
and all i have to say about 26 is, it rocks. enjoy it. you are just partying with different girls, say toddler age.

ann said...

I was laughing at the thought that Tina might circle around you at church! Hahaha! I wish I was part of your church. You all have so much fun.

I love coffee flavoring too! Vanilla Caramel is the best! It's funny, I'll keep buying a certain flavor and then one day suddenly I'm sick of it and don't like it anymore (that happened with Cinnamon Bun and Blueberry Cobbler). But I've never gotten tired of good old vanilla caramel!

Heth said...

Let me introduce you to the best creamer ever. Creme Brulee. Watch out, it's awesome.