Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation and SIDS walk.

We went on two vacations all in one week. First was Navoo, IL with Harry's family.
Here we go. Now THIS is vacation:

Goofing off.

This is Tiffany holding her 3rd (?) cousin, Micah. He is 7 weeks and perfect. :)

A fudge shop downtown offered chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles (Tiffany calls them sparkles.
Hanging out at the campfire with my awesome neice, Tessa. She cracks me up.

Kids on the beach, making sand art.

Darin tubing - my brother drove the boat. I told Darin if he could stay on without wiping out I would give him 10 bucks, and told my brother that if he could make him tip over, I'd give him 10 bucks. My brother won - we had a good time with it. :)

Ahh, and then the donuts. They make these on ever Wednesday night there, and they are heavenly. Fresh donuts over a fire, dipped in sugar. Yum-o.

Classic Family photo.
Then came home to meet Darin's new teacher in a new school. Exciting! This is his first day of school. He is signed up for football, which he's pumped about. Practice starts next week. He says all the kids are nice there.
We went on the SIDS walk this weekend. Here is my family by Andy's sign along the trail. Picture taken by my faithful friend, Christi. Everyone was so great! It was a bittersweet day. The balloon release was again, so powerful. I just kept thinking about all those people that found their baby no longer breathing......
We will find out this week how much was raised for SIDS research and awareness.
And I leave you with this: Guess which was NOT supposed to be part of the art project?


mel said...

what happened to tiff's forehead.. poor little thing!! looks like you guys had lots of fun in mn!! i was all over riding on that tube.. go darin!!!

Amie said...

Oh ya - the night before we left for vacation, she fell in the hallway on the corner of the wall. Blood everywhere. Went to hospital. They were deciding between stitches and glue - glad they chose the glue!! :) It's looking much better now.

Anonymous said...

Good pictures!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Your family vacation looked like so much fun! I think the 'sparkle project' would be fun to make at home, too. I'm sure the girls would love to make them. Tell me more about the sids walk sometime; I'd like to participate next year. And I think a lock of hair adds 'interest' to an art project...hmm... LYLAS, WPL

Heth said...

Chocolate covered marshmallows with sparkles? Homemade donuts over a campfire? I want to go on vacation with you!

Stacy said...

Hey... remember me? Yeah... the one that pooped her pants at the mall... that would be me. hehe

Anyways... Nauvoo.. I love Nauvoo. We go there to visit the temple and the yummy fudge factory! :O) Where do you guys go swimming at when you are there? We really need to visit there again, but I'm expecting our fourth little one the beginning of December and sitting for several hours in the car is out of the question! HA!