Friday, March 13, 2009

I got nothin'.

Knew I needed to blog today, but not sure about what. My floor is swept, my dishes are done, my 3 loads of laundry is waiting to be folded and put away, and my half-caff coffee is waiting for Coffee-Mate, and then to be drank. I have a couple rooms full of "garage sale" boxes, along with an entire attic. Seriously, I want to get rid of EVERYTHING. Bananas are brown on the counter - I will be making banana bread today, along with chocolate cookies this weekend.

Ask me what "Doyle's Ditty" was last night at INSTE? Ask me! It's from Paul Harvey and it says "If you don't live it you don't believe it". It is going on my fridge for a long long long time.

My sister bought me one of these and I am going to make popcorn every day of the rest of my life, I think. She's the best. It came with a recipe book!!! Let me just share a recipe that I want to try out this weekend - Italian Breadstick-Style Popcorn

1 T Basil (my FAVORITE)
1 T parsley
1 lg. garlic clove, or 1/4 t. powder
1 t. salt
2 T olive oil

5 T popping corn
2 T olive oil


Heth said...

"If you don't live it you don't believe it"

Dude. That is so, so good.

Happy popcorn to you!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, You don't got nothin' got alot o' somethin'!! I was over at your sister's and had a bowl of, so great!! So thanks for sharing the popper for the ditty....ditto (sharing). LYLAS, WPL

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

love the quote

and yum

Tina said...

We love our whirly pop. Thanks for the recipe!!

Angela said...

It doesn't matter if you "got nothin." I still like to read it. Matt doesn't like popcorn, so I don't know if I'll get to try the recipe. But it sounds fab! So does the banana bread.

Love ya!

ann said...

YAY! I love stovetop popcorn but haven't been able to make it for a very long time (smooth-top stove, can't give the pot a good shake without scratching it up). I didn't know about the whirly pop. I gotta get one.

melanie said...

love doyle's dittys.. love you!