Friday, October 10, 2008

I GOT ONE! And...6 Randoms.

A little absent, I know!

Sarah and Life in the Parsonage passed this award onto me for THIS post! And I am so excited!!!

Thank you Sarah!!! And the first post that came to mind (when i realized I probably couldn't hang on to my first blogging award ever!) was Mel's ....well go HERE and read it. So congrats Mel!

And I am posting a meme today!
Here are the rules.....
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!!

1. Heth posted this and I thought I'd put in my two cents.
The dentist....I fell asleep once....or maybe a lot more than once....the root canal a month or so ago was GREAT because they put that blanket around the tooth and around your mouth, so all you have to do is lay there and breathe through your nose.... and they aren't shoving anything else in your mouth.... or down your throat. Or that nasty orange/cherry/mint trays of goop that you have to gag on and try to suck out with that sucker-tool-thing.....Can. I. Rinse. Now. Please.

2. Thinking cheap, oh wait - not cheap - FRUGAL Christmas gifts. So, we have zipper pulls - I bought charms at Hobby Lobby for half off and some beads. And, I thought of sewing those I-Spy bags (with rice and other goofy things in it). There is a plastic window in the front, and you move the rice around to find the other items in the bag - good car toy. And we still have that fake leg out in the garage as a gag gift.....I wonder who I could give that to.

3. My daughter fell asleep tonight as we were rubbing noses. :) I laid down next to her and cuddle. And she says "I yuv you" and I say "I love you more" and she says "Yuv you most" and I say "I love you most most" and she says "Yuv you best best". And I play with her hair or sing her the fu-fine (You are my sunshine) song. She's a cuddle girl.

4. I carry a hunter's safety card in my wallet. Now, my dad and brother hunt for deer mostly. And my 2 sisters love the hunting of the deer as well. Now me? I like the process of, but not a big fan of "after the kill". They have this rule - you gut your own deer. Now. Seriously. THAT is the man's job. And what's the deal with paying an arm and a leg to process the meat? And why don't they have deer season when it is 70 degrees outside. My 3rd toe on my right foot froze off 2 years ago sitting in the woods waiting for a deer to walk by. My dad was amuzing, though - I would sit out in the woods with him again and just spend some time with him. BUT....first week of December is , ah, how you say, COLD. So my dad and all my siblings go hunting, and my mom and I take all the kids to one house and make Christmas cookies with them all. Avoidance of smelly deer insides and frozen toes? And the runny nose you get in the cold that your huge gloves can't grip so you just wipe it on your sleeves? We. Win.

5. I start too many projects at once. And don't finish them. I was doing a bible study and we were supposed to list the books we have enjoyed to read. So I thought.... And. Thought. And. Realized.... I'm not sure I've ever finished one. And in turn, realized that......I bet I know where all my bookmarks are. Have you tried looking on the bookshelf inside the books? No, didn't think of that.

6. I am a first degree black belt in TaeKwondo. I used to break boards like I now break plastic forks. I am SuperWoman! But do you think I could get all the ice cubes out of the tray and into my cup? No. Biggest loser - right here. Side note: husband was a wrestler - it's a pretty good match, but I "let" him win. every. time.

I tag anyone who needs a post idea. :)


melanie said...

Thanks chica- although I think that you need to give it back to yourself for that post, talk about cracking me up. I think a marriage conferences they should have wrestling matches, kinda like wrestling with God, just get it all out there on the table. (I know you let him win, you could take him...)

Heth said...

I had no idea you were a ninja! Wait, ninjas aren't TaeKwando are they? Anyways, remind me never to run into you in a dark alley.

Anonymous said...

u r my sunshine!!!!! u need the fridge with the ice in the door so it goes right in the glass!!!
love u