Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Distracted......and walnuts!

So I really am here....just occupied.
Set up a couple new things this week.

#1: SAVE A BUCK blog
This is my saving money blog, cuz I'm all about that. And I need a place to keep track!

#2: A Shutterfly Page
In Progress!!!

But I will post about walnuts today, anyway. We decided to gather them up this year and really USE them, cuz they are just sitting there.....free! And I like free food. So it started out with rubber gloves and this:

then Farmer Ray came up and showed us this, which cut the time on this process to a small fraction of the picture above:

I wonder if my kids will become mud if they stay in it too long....


Heth said...

Now THAT is a "stain remover" kind of situation. Happy laundry to you! Between the walnuts and the mud, I'm not sure which is going to be harder to get out.

MommyCorbie said...

Cute. Dinner and a show! Enjoy your nuts (what you eat is what you are, lil sis).