Monday, September 29, 2008

Messy Heart

As I step over the toys and walk by the piles of laundry, I often wonder how and why this mess keeps on showing its face. “Didn’t I clean that up already A MINUTE AGO? And almost every day, I think about boxing it all up to the attic! Taking care of it once and for all!

The same is true for the mess in my heart. A section or two of my heart is called “under the bed, covered by bedskirt” and “stuffed in the closet and close the door”. In these places, my heart is still be a mess, but no one can see my hidden disaster with the plastic smile I have learned to wear so well. These hiding places perfectly fit unforgiveness, judgments, addictions, gossip, hurts, fears, etc.

Would you like to know a great thing about God? (You say, me! me! Pick me!) He created us as INDIVIDUALS. We aren’t supposed to be a bunch of cherries mixed up in a cherry pie - tasting all the same. We are more like a chicken pot pie. You may be the carrot, I am so the chicken. So often I look at other women and think “I wish I had that quality” or “they do that so much better than I ever could” or “she always looks so beautiful and put together”. And I find myself on a lower level as them. That I am not as important because, seriously, what does someone like me have to offer? And look at them - they are so…….so……..Christian!

Christian? We are not supposed to be the same! We aren’t all supposed to have a gift for baking, or keeping our house spotless, and we don’t have to long for the patience THAT woman has. Because we are who we are - and God DELIGHTS in that! It is difficult to let Him at times, that’s for sure. Our doubts and fears about ourselves take over, but He whispers “Come to me. Simply come. Just as you are.”


Heth said...

Gorgeous post.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief "We aren't all supposed to keep our house spotless." Phew. Because I'm pretty sure I'm not doing a very good job at that one.

I love your honesty here Amie. Why do we constantly compare? I'm so glad God is patient with me and my mess.

Reverie Road said...
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Anonymous said...

oh how I love you!! You have written this beautifully! I can never put words together! I will keep the gift of making my house clean and you keep the gift of making sure I don't go crazy!! :)
Love you,

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

How right you are!

We're suppossed to be different.

I hate the comparing...because once it starts, it seems to take over every aspect of life.

Love your posts my friend.

AuburnGalAlways said...

Thank you for this. It spoke directly to me.