Monday, September 08, 2008

Changing Seasons

~Changing Seasons~

Yesterday we were walking in from the garden and the girls were on the lawn mower with Harry, and I suddenly remembered I don't have a car seat attached to my arm....then I pause and realize.... it's in the attic. Andy isn't here anymore and Stacy is running around like a big girl.

I had this summer all planned out. the girls would run around and help pull weeds, pick grapes, pick veggies, and Andy would be taking naps in the car seat under the shade tree. Or crawling around eating dirt and worms. I hadn't realized it was still in my heart as the plan. :)

~Changing Seasons~

We left the eggplant, jalepenos, squash, and some tomato plants - the rest is mowed down. Done. I am wearing a sweatshirt and summer is nearing the end. I normally just. don't. like. winter. It's cold. And my feet have about no circulation. So I crawl into bed and automatically attach my toes to my husband's leg to warm them up. Out come the fuzzy socks. I have mixed feelings this year about winter. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to it. Maybe not the bulky winter coats and muddy slush on the floor.....but the calm. The snowed-in days. Snowmen. Candles. Warm chocolate chip cookies.

But before winter, the pumpkin carving. Nice, eh?


mommycorbie said...

I imagine Andy is in a garden more beautiful than we can imagine! :)

Hubby just said last night that he missed summer. Do you know what the reason was? Because I put my cold feet on his legs to warm them up. I am with you on the fuzzy socks, just not the toe socks!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Harry!!! I am also with you on the Fuzzy Socks!!! :)

ann said...

I know what you mean, the comforting parts of winter like the food and quiet calm of snow. But I'm still counting down the days till spring haha!