Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Went to Minnesota last weekend and had my parents take over the whole parenting bit. :) But when I pack for such a weekend, my bags are ready at LEAST 24 hours before we leave - minus toothbrush and things we will use up until the time we leave, of course.

So this weekend we are going to Keokuk. So bring on the laundry! And. Today. I. Pack. For. Six.

And if something - ANYthing is forgotten . . . guess who's fault it is - MOM's! And to the store we will go. . . within reason.

"Just In Case" is my packing method. lol, I am an overpacker. Just in case it rains, we will need ______. And just in case we go out at night, we will need _______. Oh, and it will probably be hot most days, so we will probably need 3 short outfits. And you have to plan for a couple spills on those 3 outfits, so we might just need to bring a couple more. Bandaids JIC, check. Medications JIC, check. Something to do if we ever get bored JIC, check. Swimwear including swim diapers and floaties JIC, check. Gardening and cardmaking magazine for the ride down and back JIC, check. Snorkel gear JIC we see some dolphins and rare fish in Iowa, check.


melanie said...

Girl, you don't even know how much I NEED you right about now!! Have lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Friend Christi and her beautiful daughter and all there stuff JIC... CHECK!!! :) I wish!

Tami said...

Saw your comment on my blog. Just got back from a mini vacation. My husband is from Iowa. His parents still live there. We visit about every 2 years or so. Hard to travel that far with 4 kids. Anyway, I'm book marking you so I can visit again. Thanks for coming by my blog and stop by again.

Angela said...

Yeah for the 98 cent Target clearance! I'm with you - I was pretty stoked.

I'm so sad I wasn't at home on Wednesday...AGAIN! Sheesh. Someday, I know we'll cross paths. ;-)