Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Out of the closet.

Left side: (In order) navy blue, white, grey, and black shirts
Right side: It's a rainbow!!!
Left side shelf: Jeans
Right side shelf: PJ pants and other pants

Guess which side is mine. This might help you.

FYI: Harry's shirts don't get to see how soft they have the potential to be. They don't see the drier, well...that's not comletely true. They see it from the outside while they are hanging to dry....and a select few I've personally chosen get to rejoice with all the other clothes once in a while as they tumble happily round and round. Those are the "special shirts" though. The ripped and holey Harley shirts don't qualify. If they ever heard me say that, though, they would have me for breakfast. They far outnumber and outweigh me. I don't remember the last time Harry has purchased a Harley shirt.....hmm. Which tells you he's been collecting these for at least 20 years. He got rid of over 10 of them last year at a garage sale. $1 per shirt. One person bought all of them. So, we're out. We've blogged out of the closet.


Heth said...

Oh my gosh I love it.

meLanie said...

i can not believe that your closet is that clean! especially when you are pregnant! crazy!! well, i guess you still fit into normal clothes... has harry ever bought the kids harley outfits?

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

LOL! Your silly! Good talking to you today.

hannahjoy said...

haha, i love looking at the sock drawer pictures...