Monday, May 15, 2006


HIIIIIIII again! :) I missed you, Mr. Posting Create tab. My wonderful husband fixed my laptop cord tonight - I think he could see I was about going CRAZY without my computer! I haven't even checked my e-mail in 2-3 weeks, go ahead, cry for me. I give you a minute.
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 1. Thanks.

Tina, I PROMISE I tried to blog that night. It was all about junking (which I'll get into) and my computer screen got dim and said "CRITICAL BATTERY". Makes me cry just thinking of that poor weak battery. It's all better now, though. Items up for bid:

1) For May Day, Olivia and Darin brought us a little (approx. 2 cup capacity) bowl with a little goldfish in it - who needs candy, right? Olivia named her Rose.

2) In the cities in Minnesota (Bloomington to be exact), they map out assigned areas each weekend to put all their junk out on the side of the road and the city will come and pick it up Saturday. We call this Junkin' with a well-deserved capital J. Want to know what we got last time we went? Oh, a piano, a free trailer (to haul stuff), some garden fence, potential e-Bay items to sell, benches, an indoor grill (looks new) to go on my counter, and that sort of thing. Yes, all of this stuff is laying on the side of the road and people drive by and pick it up. The first time of the day feels like a criminal act, but we quickly get over that when you find your first "FIND". I sit here and smile just thinking about it. So this is for the last weekend of Bloomington Junkin' Days *moment of silence*. I leave Thursday and come back Saturday.

*sidenote - they have this juicer on TV for ONLY 2 Payments of 49.90 Plus S&H. Now if you really made this much juice, wouldn't you already have shopped around and gotten one of these? Or maybe all those people sitting at home thinking "Wow, if I had that thing, I'd actually eat healthy cuz...cuz... then I could blend all my food.???" *end side note

3) I'm seriously thinking about becoming a Tupperware consultant. I have a seminar on Wednesday. Pray for me if you'd like - I could use it - thanks. :)

*sidenote1 - this guy on the juicer advertisement just said with much enthusiasm that this thing could save your life. HA - that'll get 'em to buy it! *end side note1

4) Tiffany has started crawling a couple weeks ago, and now has learned to pull herself up to a standing position, and just last night stood up to look what was in the bathtub and walked (with the tub's help) to the other side. This is going by WAY too fast. Better have another one. :)

5) Darin colored a picture on Sunday for Mother's Day that read "I Love You Because" and he said "Because you tuck me in at night" and gave it to ME, his step-mommy. Usually he'll make things and tell us he'd like to give it to his mom. I'd call that progress. It absolutely touched my heart. :) They went out shopping during the Tupperware party and got me a bunch of gardening things, then brought me some fresh lilacs! (Speaking of, Mary, I still have your vase at my house) I'm so excited for a garden! Bring out the tiller, baby!!!

Gosh, is that all that's new in a months time? It's a long enough blog anyway. It's time to end a blog when you realize you'd be extremely upset if the computer shut off for some reason and you lost the whole thing. It's time. :) now I have to go read everyone else's for the last 3 weeks. c-ya!


Angela said...

WELCOME BACK!! Yeah! I love that story about Darin. It's nice to get a glimpse of the impact you are making.

T said...

1. we have NEVER been able to keep a goldfish alive more than a month. good luck with that.

2. never heard of junkin... but it sounds like a blast!

3. I have a whole cupboard of tupperware you can sell.. hehe..

4. why stop at one more? go for three or four!

5. I love lilacs..... I think I might have to sneak somewhere to cut some... who has them?

Heth said...

Go Tiffany! Don't blink, she'll be five before you know it.

Beefy said...

Ahh, don't remind me!! :)

And t, you can sneak into my yard and cut some - I'll let you. How much for your lot of Tupperware? :)

Natalie Joy said...

Yayyy!!! You're back!! Tiffany is getting to be such a big girl. not BIG, but growing up.
Junkin sounds so fun. I would love to go with you!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back i was starting to worry