Sunday, February 19, 2006

Who is Amie?

I was talking to my friend, Kodi, the other day and she said "Who's Amie?" is a very complex question. So I thought I'd let you in on the little tidbits that not a whole lot of people know about me.

1. I am a first degree black belt in TaeKwondo
2. I grew up Catholic
3. I lived in the same place K-12
4. I love peach Jello
5. I can touch my tongue to my nose
6. I love pink, red, and purple....and yellow, and black........
7. I was engaged to a guy I met on the internet
8. I've been to Paris - just for fun - with my mom, her sister and daughter
9. A few months ago my ponytail, after being cut of course, was the "star" on my sister's Christmas tree at her salon (thanks for reminding me, Heth). It was an inch or so shorter than what was required, so she kept it. She decorated the tree with hair supplies - I felt so special. :)
10. I love to scrapbook and make cards
11. My dad's an electrician, my mom's a banker
12. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I'm the baby
13. I like to be alone
14. I love doing nothing
15. Cooking is one of my favorite things......I wish it were more affordable :)
16. I love to make flower pens - just got my spring pens done, so IT BETTER COME SOON!
17. I like shopping if I know I won't spend money
18. My pink fuzzy robe is my favorite piece of clothing
19. I have socks and underwear, and earings to match any outfit I wear. Sad, isn't it.
20. I never remember to flip my calendar until it's well into the month
21. I LOVE school supplies. Pens, paper, markers, crayons, more paper, notebooks, name it - I love it.
22. I line most of my dishes with foil because I don't like to scrub my pans and baking sheets
23. My favorite kind of cake is plain old WHITE. I used to just eat the mix....those were the days.
24. I lack obedience
25. I played the trumpet for about ever. Loved it. I was even first chair most of the time.
26. I also play french horn, guitar, harmonica, and keyboard
27. My name would have been Brian if I had been a boy
28. I beat the high school push up record at 35 for girls with 115
29. I love cows - I collect them
30. 28 and 29 should explain my nickname "beefy"
31. I worked at a girl scout camp in 2000. My camp name was Lullaby.
32. In that era, I got my belly button pierced and a tatoo. Lips on my backside if that tells you anything about the way I used to be! :) Can't wait to see what it looks like when I'm 80.........
33. I love American Idol
34. I type 78 wpm
35. I'm not a big fan of pop. Soda pop, that is.
36. My right eye is green, my left eye is brown.
37. I could watch the same movie over and over....until I've memorized it.
38. When I was a toddler, I used my bottom to close cupboard doors - not my hands.
39. I don't comprehend things I read very well.
40. Math, English, and Music were my favorite things in school. Couldn't stand Science and History.
41. I do most things in pairs. Eat 2 at a time, oh, the OCD in me, I guess.
I could say so much more, but there you have it. 40 tidbits about me. It's not really a "tag" kind of blog, but I'm going to tag you people anyway. :) What are the little things that make up who you are?


Angela said...

Very interesting - Matt and I have always wondered about the Beefy thing. I'll tell him to come read this.

Heth said...

Oh, this was so fun! I love that you have a tattoo. If you were to get another one now, what would it be and where?

Natalie Joy said...

It has been fun getting to know you better through the blog world.

Debbie said...

Your tidbits are very interesting.
Thanks for sharing them.

here are some of mine.
1. I am a ministers wife.
2.I grew up and remain a Pentecostal.
3.I have lived in Brooklyn all my life.
4. i don't like peach Jello but I do like cherry jello and when I make the jello on the stove top I add a little extra sugar. Crazy and gross I know.
5. I love to sing. I especially love vocal jazz.
6. I am currently putting on some final touches to a book I have written.
7.My favorite colors are green and blue.
8. I was a child bride at 16.
9.I have family in Columbus, Ohio and Orlando Florida.
10. I just recently got rid of my natural curls and chemically straightened my hair and now I miss my curls.
11. I love to draw.
12.I've met Keanu Reeves, Kate Erbe, Steve Buscemi and Richard Dreyfuss.
13. My father was an atheist.
14. Like you I have 2 sisters and 1 brother I am the middle child.
15. I like to be alone too.
16. I love watching movies especially SCI-Fi , I am a trivia buff. I know too many songs
17. I cook about 3 times a year.
18. I did stand up for a while and I love the stage and making people laugh. i havent done stand up in a while so I am a bit rusty.
19. I don't like to shop and when I do I know what I want some I am in and out of the stores very quickly.
20.I love pj's
21. I am very disorganized and I frustratingly attempt to organize myself all the time.
22. I am a schoo,teacher and have taught grades 1-3. I love teahing. I am also a Sunday School teacher.
23. My OCD is counting everything.
24. I've written some church plays
25. I love dragonflies.
26. I was a tomboy when I was younger but grew out of it when I discovered boys are not just fun to be around but they are cute too.
27. I also LOOOOVe American Idol.
28. I look at the keys when I type.
29. Some of my favorite movies are, Starwars, Forrest Gump, Scifi B- movies.
30. I love Shakespeare
31. I am lousy at math
32. I don't drive I take public transportation all the time and I love to walk.
33. I live by the shore.


Debbie said...

one more. I am queen of the typo-s and lousy at spell checking my stuff.

Beefy said...

Those are fun to read!

I have about 25 pair of pajama pants, too. Love pajamas! In fact, if you ever visit me during the day, I'll probably be wearing pajamas.

T said...

oh my gosh! That's a lot of info about Amy! I will post the same about me on my blog... so you can see how we compare.

Debbie said...

Beefy- my email address is