Friday, January 11, 2008

Lovely Store Guide

I just wanted to say... we have a couple local grocery stores here, and I visit both. But on my way out of the store that has the bus (or maybe it's the front of a big yellow minivan) attached to the cart for the kids . . . I found a STORE GUIDE! This little guide maps out all the isles and rows with locations of food printed on them. As I make my grocery list, I write it out according to wherever I am shopping that day (aka whoever has great sales items). So the tuna helper and juice and canned foods always seem to be jumbled because those are the middle-of-the-store isles, and I don't have that much memory span in my little brain. But NOW there's a GUIDE - wanna know how this whole thing goes down? I'll tell you.

As the week goes on, I have a little spot in my daily planner on my counter that is made for grocery lists. As I notice something getting low, or just plain non-existant in my home and I NEED (note: sometimes NEED means M&Ms or Twizzlers if the price is right) it, I jot it down on my little list. Then the morning of the Big Adventure Out, I make sure I have gone through the sales ads, sit down with a fresh paper and write my list out in order according to store. But now there is no gap in my list. And let me tell you, when you're chugging through the isles trying to focus on which groceries you needed with 5 children needing your attention at that specific moment in time, you lose a little more sanity. So thank you, very very much for your store guide. I can now venture out with the children much easier than before, because I can weave swiftly up and down the isles and quickly grab things off the shelf IN ORDER without skipping a beat. Sure beats stopping at the end of each isle to check things off my list, then forgetting something and have to backtrack 3 rows, then remember where I was. Did I mention it's impossible to do this with children - good thing we have Daddy for you guys? Have I expressed this ENOUGH??? THANK YOU FOR THE STORE GUIDE!!!


Heth said...

Grocery shopping alone=heaven.

Way to be organized girl!

T said...

wow...didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

This i would expect from the girl who goes through the garage sale ads and color codes with 6 different color highlighters which items are "super important must go at 2 am items" and which items are "ok, if we have time" items.
Can't wait to get all the must have newborn garage sale buys with you this summer!!!

Sing4joy said...

Hi! I hopped over here from Dull As Dishwater. Love this post! That sounds like a heavenly and well thought out item for the store to lovingly distribute just for mommies!(well maybe that last part is me dreaming that the person who thought that up probably has had to shop with 5 kids too!) Here is another blog you may enjoy visiting.... It's called I'm an organizing Junkie. I look forward to visiting you again!