Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So, it's been forever and a day, I know.

Does this make up for it?

My baby is walking...but the video wouldn't upload...sorry. It was a good one, too. :)
The cats wouldn't even eat my smokin' good side - so, it was chicken alfredo with no garlic bread - tsk, tsk.

I awoke at 3:20 am Friday to dive into this with Harry's cousins.

Baby #3 will officially arrive on December 19th at approximately 9:00 am (if not sooner).

And the kids got to have a bowlful of marshmallow Jell-O before breakfast last Saturday.
And I'm nesting..... b. a. d.
And I am 26 now. How embarrassing to say that.....for the record, I'd like to be thought of as 32. Please. 26 sounds like a kid. I hate it when people ask me my age, because 26 is a party age, isn't it? 28 is almost established, and 31 is established. So please, I beg you, don't say "oh, you're so young!" That may be the worst phrase for me to ever hear. The worst is when women I consider to be my friends say "I could be your mother". Ugh. Fine, I'll go to my room.
And I got through 6 1/2 hours last night without getting up to pee. Woo Hoo!


Heth said...

26? You are ancient.

SO fun to have an update from you. I don't see you much anymore. It sounds like some good times at your house! Wheee!

meLanie said...

what??? 26 is the best age of all- except for me, cause i am going to be 14 always... i can't believe that you are so close- it's just a few weeks away!! i can't wait to meet your new little one!

Anonymous said...

I still love you my baby!
Take care and don't sweat the small stuff!! How about a little chocolate or pickles while you are nesting? I will bring some down.
Thanks for the update!

T said...

I could be your mother!


well, if I had you when I was 13! which, i guess is technically possible.