Friday, November 10, 2006


Okay, I just made Spiced Pumpkin Tartlets. They are AWESOME! I hope they make it to craft night tonight. I'll have to limit myself to 3 . . . or 5 would be okay I guess.

Went grocery shopping today and spent $35.25 on groceries. Not bad. The egg nog won't last long, either. Mixed with mostly milk - new craving. OH! Wanna know my brand-spanking new craving? The Farting Goat has chicken wings. Breaded. Chubby Style. Yum. They are the best when the sauce hasn't gotten to the breaded part yet and it's still crunchy. I'm hungry.

I sit here at my kitchen table with the curtains open watching the big heavy wet drops of snow fall all over my van. Maybe I should get a scraper this year, eh? Nothing like waiting for the first big snowfall, Amie. Good work.

I need to go gather my crafting things for tonight - I'm bringing Olivia (7) if she wants to go - she loves being crafty and I don't let her do it near enough. She can have tartlets and hot chocolate with me. . . right after she clears off my van. I'm not really that mean. . . well, unless I can make some sort of game out of it - then her brother can join in.


meLanie said...

i love it, child labor, and so i have 5! the chicken wings thingys are yummy!! lets go get some, right now!

my bathroom is my sanctuary said...

*tears* *stops feet glares at jer* how come Amie gets to have another one????/ LOL!!! Farting goat HA!