Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Christmas Cleaning

I was so very excited to have won a cake tonight at the Harvest Party!!! I put it in the fridge, cause Harry's aunt is coming this weekend and I won't have to make one myself. Lazy me. I have so much to do downstairs because she'll be staying here and the spare room is down there. So - we do a garage sale Christmas every year with my family. We draw names in early spring, and then shop all summer at garage sales for Christmas gifts. Great idea, right? The only problem is, where do I put all this stuff until Christmas??? In the spare room, of course. Oh, wait. What if we have company? Guess we'll come up with something for the weekend. So I have gifts for 6 people - and it's a ton of stuff because you can GET a ton of stuff with a limit of $20 per person at a garage sale! So guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Maybe if I wrap them, the pile will look prettier.

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liese said...

What an idea for Christmas shopping!!! you know I have 10 siblings don't you!!! We don't even exchange gifts any more, just hte kids do!!! Three years ago we decided that we should pool our moneys and bless a family that needs it more than we do. ( I think alot of the 'crew' was teird of getting things they didn't want.